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Sun 25 Mar 2012 10:16 AM

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Kuwaiti jet skiers attacked by Emirati rival

Kuwait national team assaulted by banned Emirati racer armed with knife

Kuwaiti jet skiers attacked by Emirati rival
Members of Kuwait’s national jet skiing team were assaulted by rival Emirati competitors at a race this weekend.

Members of Kuwait’s national jet skiing team were assaulted by a rival Emirati competitor at a race this weekend, it was reported.

According to Kuwait’s KUNA news agency, five Kuwaiti racers were attacked by a group of Emiratis armed with knives during a break in the fourth round race of the UAE Jet Ski Championship on Saturday.

One of the men involved in the incident was reportedly an Emirati jet skier who was suspended during the third round of the tournament which took place in Abu Dhabi a few weeks ago.

The Kuwaiti jet skiers were admitted to Rashid Hospital in Dubai where they were treated for small to medium wounds, before being discharged.

The incident has become sufficiently high-profile to draw the attention of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who personally enquired into the health of the injured Kuwaitis, before instructing the UAE’s security authorities to arrest the perpetrators.

Ahmed 7 years ago

I'm just going to speculate that the Kuwaitis may have been jetskiing 'dirty' and this upset their Emiriti rivals. There seems to be no sense of law enforcement in the State of Kuwait, and their arrogance is not appreicated in the GCC. If the tables were turned and this was in the UAE, none of their government officials would have personally enquired by the UAE citizen's health. Kuwait is a nation without a development path and needs to put their head down and learn from the accomplishments of the UAE.

Asif 7 years ago

Ahmed, What has Kuwait as a nation got to do with Emiratis attacking Kuwaiti Nationals with knives??????? Yes, we all know Kuwait is not as conservative as the UAE but you cannot say it is a nation without a developed path. Attacking people with knives is not condoned and those responsible should be punished.

I'm sure the UAE does not regard it's nationals attacking visitors with Knives as an accomplishment.

Mal 7 years ago

That's nice Ahmed, but I'm not sure stabbing someone is the appropriate response. Perhaps complaining and/or asking for a re-match would have been more sensible.

Steven Graham 7 years ago

We were at the race and at the race in abu dhabi where this dispute started.

It started because the kuwaiti jet skiier crashed into the emirati on purpose, then turned around in a full circle and ran over him also on purpose. He didnt deny this and there was a physical confrontation during which they insulted the UAE and Emirati people.

They were all banned for one year, the kuwaitis and the emirati, and 5 days before this race the Dubai Marine Club reinstated the kuwaitis and not the emirati. When he found out he gathered his friends and came for revenge.

There were no knives present in fact the only person i saw weilding a weapon was a kuwaiti racer who had an engine part in his hand. It was silly on both sides and the fact is if the kuwaitis had not been reinstated for some unknown (!) reason then none of this would have happend. The fault rests with the dubai marine sports club.

American in Kuwait 7 years ago

I agree with Ahmed. The law does not apply to Kuwaitis and we all know it here.

"Arrogance" is putting it mildly.

Hamad 7 years ago

ahmad the probabilities of you being an expat in emirates is pretty high. if that is the case here is my two cents. Stop speaking your opinion and generalizing about kuwaitis. arrogance is all over the arab world and sadly its more apparent with GCC citizens. your personal grudge against kuwait/kuwaitis is very obvious. If you've had a bad experience i apologize to you as a kuwaiti. to my knowledge in the UAE if an expat get assulted by a UAE citizen and got picked up by police. the emirati will be going home that night while you will fear the repercussion of the emaratis anger and how the outcome of that conflict will affect your future. now from personal experience(as a kuwaiti) i got the same punishment as the expat when it went to court. and if you are emarati i urge you to read your countries modern history and tell me who came up with the concept of the UAE and who funded and still funds that transition. and development dosnt come in the shape of two cities with tall buildings

RAH 7 years ago

Your story seems contrdictory. If both were at fault and the Kuwaitis were reinstated 5 days later, its obvious that the enquiry came back showing the UAE sportsmen were at fault (hence the ban remained). For them to go and seek revenge with knives is simply unacceptable and they deserve to be punished accordingly.
Great response from Sheikh Mohammad, who has clearly shown how hosts should act towards visiting guests. Let the emirati sportsmen learn from him as well!

John 7 years ago

And since when did jetskiing become a sport? What a childish, unsportsmanlike type of competition.

WaterExpat 7 years ago

Actually jet-ski racing has been around since the 70s and became professional in the 80s. Closed course racing is exhilarating and a real test of skill.

I don't like golf but I don't dismiss it as a childish game where you try and hit a ball for a mile and put said ball into a hole in the ground. I do, however, appreciate the dedication and skill required to become good at the game. The point being rather than be so dismissive of a sport you clearly don't understand why don't you jet-ski racing a try? You might even like it.

ali 7 years ago

yes im sure its contradictory to you if your unable to read. i struggle to understand how you can blame the victim of deliberate aggression to be at fault. from what i heard the kuwaitis applied high-level pressure to get themselve reinstated. you also seem unable to read. they were reinstated 5 days before the race not 5 days after. the ban was in place for a long time and as a RESULT of the enquiry.