100 smartest people in the UAE
Tue 26 Sep 2017 12:04 AM
David Cook

Company: Projects Partners

Designation: CEO

Country: UK

Country of residence: United Kingdom

When David Cook was made redundant by his hiring company in the UK, he decided it was time to be “in charge of my own destiny” and headed to Dubai in search of new opportunities. “I was lucky enough to secure a short-term contract working for an IT company within days of landing, which helped provide a steady income while I learned more about the city - the good and the challenging. Within a matter of months I knew what my opportunity was and what I needed to do to catch it,” he said.

That opportunity came when he was unable to find a company in the UAE that was willing to offer corporates the guidance they needed. Cook then launched Project Partners with only a one-page website and a handful of business cards. Today, his self-funded, multi-million dollar firm covers everything from project risk management to design and build solutions.

His plan for the company? “The immediate high-level plan is to continue to double our revenue year-on-year – meaning our turnover in 2021 would exceed $80m,” he said.

Some of Cook’s clients have included Cluttons, Maersk, Electrolux and Boeing.