40 and Under: the Most Influential Young Arabs in the Middle East
Mon 27 Nov 2017 06:07 AM
Dr. Jalal al Hadhrami

Industry: Business and finance

Company: Celebrity Global Holdings

Designation: Executive chairman and founder

Country: Oman

Age: 39

Country of residence: Oman

The Omani investment expert is executive chairman and founder of Celebrity Global Holdings, which he started in Oman in 2006. The private holdings company is engaged in venture capital, private equity, mergers & acquisition and company turnarounds. CGH is based in Dubai, with investment vehicle companies in Oman, the US, UK, and Hong Kong, and has acquired, established and turned around 21 companies since its inception.

As a venture capitalist, Dr Jalal’s strategy is a secret recipe based on three key words: “disrupt, reshape and develop”. One good example is the educational resources distribution company, United Global Educational Resources (UGER). UGER brought different entities to one platform in a common cause to provide schools with the best possible educational services, faster delivery and better service.

Dr. Jalal graduated as a fighter pilot from Oman’s Royal Airforce Academy in 1996. He has a Doctorate in Finance and investment management from University of California Irvine, USA and a Masters in strategic management from University of Wales, UK.

Currently, he serves on the boards of a number of companies in Oman, UAE and EU.