Mon 30 Apr 2018 11:29 AM

Headquarters Dubai

Sector Consumer electronics

Nikai was set up more than two decades ago by Paras Shahdadpuri, an ex-diplomat serving in the Indian government. Embarking on a career in the private sector, he initially intended to import pre-branded electronics to the UAE. However, a Japanese supplier suggested that, rather than merely importing, he could create a new brand and sell the products under that.

The pleasingly Japanese-sounding Nikai was born – and three decades later, it remains one of the top-selling electronics brands in the UAE’s major retailers, even in an era of Samsung and LG dominance.

Today, Nikai offers more than 400 products under its umbrella and can count in excess of 60 million satisfied customers from all corners of the world. The line ranges from basic home appliances, such as their best-selling water dispensers to smart curved LED televisions.

“Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace and the internet has only pushed this forward,” said Paras Shahdadpuri. “We have to be on top of things, watch and imbibe every new technological advancement and translate it into our product range. By keeping the consumer in mind always, we use this knowledge for enhancing the growth of our group.”

As a result of this approach, Nikai remains a formidable brand in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and some parts of Europe, and has now branched out into other areas such distribution and logistics. Nikai Group’s Crescent General Trading tied-up with the Indian FMCG giant Hindustan Unilever Ltd to stock, market and distribute the vast portfolio of Unilever products in designated countries. The group then diversified its commercial activities into the retail food business with Boston Foods, a franchisee of the second largest American fast food chain, Subway.

The Group has also broadened its horizons to consulting, outsourcing and staffing to a wide range of industries with TASC Outsourcing, a global staffing solutions company based in Dubai and Bengaluru. TASC specialises in outsourcing and staffing services to large companies around the world in various sectors, including banking and finance, call centres, energy, engineering, IT, sales and telecommunications.

Nikai has been recognised as a Superbrand and has won many accolades like the Dubai Quality Award, ISO Excellence award, the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award and another Superbrands title for the year 2017/18. Following the success in the Middle East, the brand plans to expand into the western markets later this year.