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Mon 28 May 2018 05:57 AM
Bilal Ballout and Mohamad Khachab

Company: BMB

Designation: CEO and COO

Bilal is the co-founder and CEO of Baklawa Made Better (BMB), a state of the art food production facility based out Dubai Investment Park. BMB produces a wide ranging variety of chocolate, Mediterranean sweets and Healthy Snacks.

Bilal has extensive experience in production optimization and is a specialist at product innovation. What was once a modest startup back in 2007, the company has grown exponentially to over 1,000 employees and has opened numerous offices across the globe.

Bilal’s personal quest is to create a healthy working environment where leaders are developed and nurtured. Bilal earned in MSc in finance and investment at the University of Durham, U.K.

From the start up until today, we have never sold something to someone we don’t believe would work”

Working for a few years in the telecommunication engineering industry, it wasn’t long before Mohamad realized that he was an entrepreneur at heart and want to pursue a different career. In 2010, Mohamad joined BMB, Baklawa made better, as partner and has expanded the chocolate and Mediterranean sweets business to different heights. His passion towards working with and adapting to different cultures inspired him to open offices in Qatar, KSA, USA and Spain as well as opening up sales channels in over 30 countries.

He completed his MBA from Hult International Business School. Mohamad’s purpose is to make a difference in the business world by having a positive influence on the economy, ecosystem, leaders and teams of tomorrow.