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Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:20 PM
Ismail Al Hammadi

Company: Al Ruwad Real Estate

Designation: CEO

With almost 22 years of accumulated experience, Ismail Al Hammadi is renowned for establishing iron-clad relations with the government and semi-government bodies and private sector, enabling him not only to provide appropriate consultancies concerning sales or purchase of properties but also to implement streamlined solutions that lead to increase revenues and overall success.

The experience gathered has given him the courage to explore lifelong passions and start a deep journey of self-discovery by creating his own projects. This is how Al Ruwad Real Estate was born in 2013 and then, in 2015, Biznet Consulting.

In real estate the stakes are very high, so you need to cover all the gaps. Reputation is of a high importance for me”

Al Hammadi serves as a mentor and advisor for projects and businesses he undertakes. His excellent entrepreneurial and leadership skills provide a strong base not only for his setups and employees but also to his clientele. He has hand-held and mentored his team through various situations, creating a self-sustaining team which, he says, leads to a self-sustainable company.

He is also whole heartedly aligned to the vision and goals of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to build a better tomorrow for UAE. “I want to be a good mentor to guide and lead my people, motivate and at the same time push them beyond their capabilities so that they discover their hidden potential and break the shackles that bound their thoughts and capabilities,” he says. “I am here today for change, a change for the betterment and progressive growth of people who work with us and also every individual who associates themselves with me or my organisations.”