Stars of 2018
Sat 22 Dec 2018 10:25 PM
Alaa Al Ali

Industry: Hospitality

Company: Nirvana Travel and Tourism

Designation: CEO

Alaa Al Ali has led Nirvana Travel and Tourism as CEO since its inception in 2007. With over 25 years of extensive experience in travel and tourism, he is considered one of the hospitality industry’s most notable professionals, having won various awards in the past couple of years. Most recently, Nirvana was awarded the prestigious World’s Leading Tour Operator 2018 and World’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2018 titles by the World Travel Awards.

Al Ali and the Nirvana family have played an integral role in bolstering the UAE’s tourism industry for the past 11 years. His deep attachment to UAE traditions along with exceptional make-it-happen skills and his ability to steer his team cohesively in a singular direction has facilitated Nirvana Travel and Tourism’s exponential growth. Nirvana Travel and Tourism has now opened its new headquarters at the Breakwater in Abu Dhabi, which is operating alongside 40 other offices in the UAE and another five in China, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Egypt and Spain – an expansion that has taken place within the span of just 11 years.

We remain dedicated to innovation and are committed to staying ahead of the evolving needs of our customers

Under Al Ali’s management, Nirvana Travel and Tourism has also proceeded to extend its services to the hospitality sector as a whole by providing a new dynamic platform for travel and tourism curators with its online platform Nirvana Over The World. Al Ali has bridged the gap in the market by bringing an innovative solution that extends beyond travel booking services. This new system offers travel agents and curators assistance to increase operational agility, revolutionise day-to-day business activities and services in order to meet clients’ needs. A recent initiative which is currently being implemented by Al Ali is the Arura Hospitality hotels and resorts management company. Arura aims to improve hotels and resorts quality and profitability by implementing an A-Z marketing, sales, operations and staffing strategy. Al Ali’s leadership has also been instrumental in Nirvana Travel and Tourism’s CSR initiatives, which include a variety of event sponsorships aimed at engaging with the community. His positivity and impact on the industry has been an inspiration to many, leading him to win several leadership laurels and also landing him a spot on Estesmarat magazine’s esteemed listing, The Most Creative Business Leaders in the Arab World 2017.