The 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World 2019
Thu 28 Feb 2019 05:00 AM
Huda Kattan

Company: Huda Beauty

Designation: Founder and CEO

Country: USA

Few have scaled the heights of success that the Dubai-based, Iraqi-American has managed.

One of the world’s most followed social media influencers, she has 33 million followers. Her social presence is so prominent it resulted in the cancellation of a ‘meet and great’ appearance at The Dubai Mall in May last year after the number of fans exceeded the amount allowed by the mall’s safety regulations.

But the 34-year-old finance graduate is becoming more known for founding the Huda Beauty cosmetics line, which includes lipsticks, highlighters and false lashes and nails and is sold in collaboration with French cosmetics giant Sephora.

A lifelong passion for beauty led Huda to enroll at a prestigious makeup training school in Los Angeles, cultivating a roster of clientele including A-list celebrities and a royal family.

Soon after, Huda set up her beauty blog and later launched a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and an Instagram account by the same name. Huda’s one-of-a-kind beauty tutorials quickly saw her become an industry heavyweight, pioneering beauty trends at every step.

Today, her Instagram account is the most followed beauty brand on Instagram with over 32 million followers while her Facebook page has 6.4 million fans and her YouTube channel has garnered over 3 million subscribers.

Guided by her expertise and keen eye-for-detail, Huda founded her eponymous cosmetics brand Huda Beauty in 2013.