How to dress like Harvey Specter

TV show Suits inspires a generation to look good. Here's our guide to finding your own killer suit

Since the reveal of the hit TV show “Suits”, Harvey Specter managed to steal the style spotlight with his effortlessly slick appearance and impeccably tailored suits.

If you love leisure as much as you love winning, the chances are you will relate to Mr Specter and his dress-for-success ideology. Known as “The best closer in New York City” his suits always communicate a message of power.

But how do you find the perfect power suit that truly commands attention and effortlessly encapsulates that “boss” status? Here we cover every aspect you need to know about getting the perfect suit that specifically meets your high standards and quality needs.

1. Money Counts

Why does it matter how much we spend on a suit? Whether they are high end designer looks or a custom-made garment, impeccably made suits always come with a price tag to match. The elements that should always be found in such suits are:




Finishing, both inside and out

Fabric Quality

If you follow these five points as your guide while shopping, it will be easy to tell whether the suit fits the bill.

Top Tip: Tom Ford’s contemporary RTW Suit collection is always guaranteed to deliver the highest quality, finely tailored suits. Suits Start from $3,500.00

2. Fit to Perfection

No matter how fine a suit is, if the fit isn’t right for you, it will never communicate luxury. A good way to start knowing the perfect dimensions is by visiting a reliable tailor that is reputable for his bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship.

Top Tip: Logsdail London, located in Al Quoz, lives up to its Savile Row origins and creates perfectly tailored suits to fit your individual needs. Suits start from $1,100.00

3. It’s All in The Details

A three-piece suit with a waistcoat sends a clear message of affluence and luxury.

Other features that add value to your overall look are:

Flapped pockets with a ticket pocket

Double vents

Wider peak lapels

Top Tip: The French fashion luxury brand, Lanvin, carries a line of sharp three-piece suits that incorporates one or more of the above features in their design.

4. Length Matters

If the trousers are pleated, make sure that they are short enough to fall in clean, unbroken line. For flat-fronted trousers, there should be a little break in the front crease so make sure that they are slightly lower than your ankles.

Top Tip: Burberry Prorsum’s new summer collection suits are sleek and fit to perfection. Choose a minimal crease, cotton-blend fabric for the summer season. Suits start from $1,200.00

5. Fabric Talk

Pinstripe suits often communicate that “boss” or “boardroom” look. They tend to have a sense of luxury and an aura of grandeur.

Plain suits, however, give off more of a “go-getter” or “closer” feel. They’re best used on those days where most of your meetings are off site and you are required to be on the go.

Top Tip: Ermenegildo Zegna’s timeless suits come in a variety of plain and striped patterns. Look for the Pinstriped Trofeo collection in black or navy. $2,600.00-$2,900.00

6. Epitome of Style

Adding power accessories can go a long way. Pocket squares, cufflinks and of course, an elegant watch are key.

Top Tip: Whether it be the Roadster, Santos or Tank, you will always make a lasting impression with a Cartier timepiece.

For a final touch, finish off your look by tying your bold silk tie with a larger Windsor knot.

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Posted by: Logsdail London

Thank you for your kind words, we do our best.
Tom Ford is amazing, although a little pricey you are paying for attention to detail, the best fabrics and a great cut - with most other RTW brands you are ultimately paying more for "the marketing of the label " than the actual production of the garment.
Whilst we at Logsdail London advocate the British cut I do believe style is about wearing clothes with confidence and adding your own individuality. Just because a wide lapel is in fashion or a thin tie, if it does not suit your figure, or you do not feel comfortable in it, don't wear it.
Fashion is for followers - style is timeless.

Posted by: Fred

If dressing like a grandfather is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Posted by: Karim

Thanks Hisham, If we follow your advice, we will all look like the drones of bankers that you see everyday walking to their office!

And who asked you to over-accessorize? Fashion is all about options, and then you chose which ones work for your. And guess what, it is good to have some variety. Sometimes you go with your European elegance, and sometimes you might want to wear a pinstripe suit. So maybe you should try some of these options from time to time, as it is also very European to be open minded and fashionable...

Posted by: Hisham

If you live in Dubai the drones of bankers you're talking about have anything BUT European elegance. More likely you will see baggy trousers, over-sized cheap suit jackets and shoes that point to the moon.
Pinstripes and cufflinks are for used car salesmen. It is one thing to be open-minded about fashion, it's another whether there's logic behind it or just open-mindedness for open-mindedness. One thing always applies, one should have his own style. Not copy everything from mannequins or TV shows, or buy everything that's linked to a brand name from a designer who was once ahead of the scene (Armani for example hasn't done anything significant since the 80's, D&G since the 90's).

Posted by: Mark Reed

I totally agree

Posted by: Glen K

Great read, it truly made me want to go out and buy yet another suit. TF truly makes the best in my opinion and for those who disagree with windsors, probably don't know how to tie one themselves?!
Cuffs, if chosen correctly, can compliment the shirt/suit nicely and give off Class over "European Elegance" any day.
I adore my Dolce set up as it does indeed fit all too well and will most definitely buy a TF suit after reading this article....with the waistcoat!
Can't get enough of the series Suits, great insight and once again, great Article.

Posted by: Monkey Tennis

I couldn't agree more regarding Tom Ford suits - I never used to buy RTW but I had a bespoke TF suit made for me in LA and it is the best suit I have owned; when TF opened in Dubai I was persuaded to visit and tried the RTW and I was simply staggered how good they were with only a little adjustment. Every man should own one during his lifetime. I also have to say that a double cuff shirt is a must for me; having worked in Europe most of my life I'm bemused how a single cuff equates to European elegance - very "back office" in my opinion.

Posted by: Ehasn

Will definitely check out Logsdail London in AQ

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