UAE mulls major shake-up of education, health

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The cabinet meeting willl be chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. (AFP/Getty Images)

The cabinet meeting willl be chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. (AFP/Getty Images)

The UAE's Cabinet will next week hold a two-day special session to discuss a major overhaul of the country's education and health sectors.

Led by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the meeting will also include all federal ministers, news agency WAM reported on Tuesday.

It said ministers will discuss "innovative ideas" and will set up a Government Innovative Laboratory.

Sheikh Mohammed also called on Emiratis to participate in what is being dubbed the world's largest brainstorming meeting.

"The session will come up with resolutions that can overhaul the health and education sectors," WAM said.

Sheikh Mohammed urged citizens and residents to propose creative ideas for health and education via his Twitter account.

He said: "The education and health sectors are the UAE's main national issues yet the progress attained so far does not meet our aspirations and expectations."

He added that the development of education was a historic responsibility.

"We ask youth, men and women to suggest ideas and proposals on the development of education and health. We are looking forward to the largest national brainstorming session to discuss new solutions. I'm optimistic because citizens rise to the occasions whenever approached to contribute to innovative ideas."

A panel will analyse proposals and submit them to the Cabinet to discuss them during the session. The proposals endorsed by the Cabinet will be announced immediately after the session.

In October, the UAE's Cabinet approved a AED140bn federal budget for 2014-16, with 21 percent of the budget allocated to both general and higher education sectors.

The cabinet also allocated AED3.7bn to the health sector.

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Posted by: Khalid

Dubai should have a world class medical college/university for undergraduates and post graduates like Bahrain and Qatar has got .

Posted by: Dr. Salem Saif

Its all about proper Education from primary schooling about the
huge risks in consuming lots of sugar, salt, oily food, lack of activity, proper hygiene, cleanliness, fresh fruits & vegetables, Homosexuality and the deadly risks attached to Hepatitis, HIV, STDs, etc. The teachers must seek to inculcate the students with the right knowledge they need to protect themselves from the debilitating ailments and deadly diseases of this age. Such a change must start from the foundation, not when a man is on his death bed or ICU.

Posted by: Mehriban A. Asad

First of all I would like thanks for the best cooperation. The subject I would like to discuss it is Globally New Infrastructure, and I think internet not a perfect discussion place for that. I have read all comments. Who ever suffering for health they can keeping touch with me. Around 3 years I am doing my charity in UAE and still it is going on. You can give my email address to them . I am ready to help for anyone.
Dubai it is real place where your wishes will come true!
Thanks to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his perfect team!!!

Posted by: Ismail Safdari

For any eduction system to be a success, the most important thing is the Teacher. If teachers are well trained and take interest in their profession, we are sure for a knowledge based society. Great infra structure and availability of resources is secondary.
There is a need for Teacher testing and inducting school. The passing certificate of such a school should be compulsory for all teachers.

Posted by: Telcoguy

Family attitude towards education is still the best predictor for children success in school but is one of the least mentioned

Unfortunately that is a hard to quantify, hard to change element. Even worst as a parent you can not blame anyone if your little one turns out to be not very brilliant

Posted by: R. Mike Faris

National respect for teachers is a must, but student engagement is equally important. Some teachers in Woodland Park, Colorado (USA) tried something rather revolutionary. They ?flipped? the school day for their secondary school students. Instead of kids spending their day in the classroom listening to lectures, they watched pre-recorded lessons at home and then did ?homework? together in class the next day. Immediately, students were more engaged and grades went up. These teachers are putting on seminars, including one in Dubai.
innovation is invaluable.

Posted by: Daniela Candrea

When it's comes to health my heart beating faster.. My nephew was born premature at 5 1/2 months..He faith for his life and he survive, but he lost hearing and now he is having an cochlear implants (bilateral).Because of this problem he can't find an nursery where he can interfere with other kids with similar problem, many of the teachers, nurses even doctors don't ever hear about the Cochlear Implant and don't know how to advise the parents on educating their children.This king of situation don't have any help from government,and this is very sad.I do remember my sister and her husband (which is Uae national) try so hard to get an permission an getting the parking (for handicap child-as my nephew was having problem walking) and the only help that they've got was an free monthly ticket for bus or metro ..I am happy that his Highness Sheikh Mohammad notice that changes should be made in this sectors.I am looking forward to hearing good news too.May God bless everyone!

Posted by: turk

@WatchfulEYE...Have you been to the Philippines and had first hand experience in the Medical services? If not then please don't assume as they have more first class doctors than you can possibly think...

Posted by: WatchfulEYE

Thank God your nephew survived. The mortality rate is very high at 5.5 months and the complications he suffered (and even more) are not uncommon. Had your sister given birth in her country (the Philippines, if I may have a guess), I don't think he'd have a chance.

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