Gallery: Renault's new automated self-driving concept car 'EZ-Ultimo'

The EZ-ULTIMO concept opens-up new arenas for Renault design. Because it's a robo-vehicle, the traveller can truly enjoy the journey in a space designed like a personal lounge, equipped with all the comfort and services needed to either relax or concentrate.
Bertrand LE PLUARD
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The EZ-ULTIMO concept sets stage for upscale ride-hailing for all, on-demand, for an hour, or a day
Renault Design
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A real "mobile lounge", EZ-ULTIMO can extend the premium experience of a hotel, resort or airline company
Bertrand LE PLUARD
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Bertrand LE PLUARD
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EZ-ULTIMO concludes a concept-car trilogy illustrating Renault’s vision of the future of urban shared mobility
Bertrand LE PLUARD
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EZ-ULTIMO also reinvents life on board by offering on-demand content for travellers
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This robo-vehicle is connected to infrastructures, can adapt to an urban environment, to the motorway or to a shuttle service on dedicated roads.
Bertrand LE PLUARD
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EZ-ULTIMO caters to people looking to enhance a special moment through a private trip in a city, a premium tourist experience or businesses looking to offer premium journey services to its clients.
Bertrand LE PLUARD
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Bertrand LE PLUARD
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The refined interior of EZ-ULTIMO reflects French elegance and is inspired by the world of living. Tailor-made, it is dressed in noble materials such as wood, marble and leather, allowing passengers to enjoy a top-of-the-range and relaxing living space.
Bertrand LE PLUARD
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Equipped with level 4 autonomous driving technology, EZ-ULTIMO covers a wide range of use cases.