Gallery: Apple unveils games, video streaming, credit card and news services

Apple added gaming to its suite of new video, news, and credit card services, introducing the subscription programme just days after Google unveiled a cloud-based gaming plan.
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Tim Cook kicks off Apple’s March 2019 event.
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Guests arrive at Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park.
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Roger Rosner presents Apple News+, a new subscription service that offers a personalized, curated experience within the Apple News app.
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Jennifer Bailey introduces Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple.
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Ann Thai unveils Apple Arcade, a new game subscription service launching this fall.
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Peter Stern talks about the new Apple TV app, coming in May.
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The all-new Apple TV app brings together the different ways to discover and watch shows, movies, sports, news and more in one app.
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“Beyond a Steel Sky” by Revolution Software, launching on Apple Arcade later this year.
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Apple News+ subscribers are presented with individual article and issue recommendations based on editorial curation and personalized suggestions.
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Apple Card provides a new level of privacy and security, and features all the advanced security technologies of Apple Pay.
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Steven Spielberg explains his creative process on stage at Apple’s March 2019 event.
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Oprah concludes the event at Steve Jobs Theater.
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Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston on stage at Steve Jobs Theater.
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Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists.