Revealed: Sunny holidays for each month of the year

Online travel agency has used data from its 2019 Hotels Price Index (HPI) to highlight 12 holiday spots.
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12 holiday spots where travellers can enjoy sunny destinations for each month of the year, without breaking the bank, given hotel room prices dropped between 3 percent to up to 26 percent over the last year, depending on the country.
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January - West Palm Beach, USA, highs of 24°: This laidback summer destination boasts palm trees, white sandy beaches, lush botanical gardens and lively nightlife. Luckily for travellers, it has also seen a 4 percent drop in hotel prices over the last year.
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February - Mendoza, Argentina, highs of 31°: Mendoza is ideal for summer-lovers who want more than just beach time. Travellers can head out on horseback to explore Mt Aconcagua, or go white-water rafting on the Mendoza river, all while enjoying a 6 percent drop in hotel prices.
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March - Santos, Brazil, highs of 29°: The seaside city is rich in history, but is also known for mouth-watering seafood and delicious Brazilian coffee. Hotel prices have dropped 3 per cent, meaning now is the time to head there for vacation.
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April - La Gomera, Spain, highs of 18°: It’s the second smallest of the seven Canary Islands, and is perfect for sun-seekers craving adventure. It’s home to volcanic mountains with hiking trails and forests of Garajanoy National Park. The dry heat coming off its nearby African continent means visitors can soak up the rays as early as April.
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May - Bari, Italy, highs of 23°: This vibrant town in the Italian region of Puglia is ideal for travellers who want to explore its maze-like streets, hidden cove beaches and mesmerising architecture. It is also a food-lovers’ haven, with regional delicacies including orechhiete, sgagliozze focaccia and panzerotti. It saw a 5 percent decrease in hotel prices since 2018.
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June - Freiburg, Germany, highs of 23°: It’s a buzzing university city known as the “Jewel of the Black Forest”. A historical hotspot with cobbled Medieval streets, it is filled with museums to explore, food to enjoy and hotels to stay at with a price drop of 4 percent.
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July - Sile, Turkey, highs of 34°: Situated on the Black Sea, this resort town is just over 60km from the heart of Istanbul, offering sun seekers an ocean and city holiday in one. Visitors can enjoy a 4 percent drop in hotel prices, before unwinding along the shores of its massive, sandy beaches, or even mingling with Istanbul locals who head there to enjoy fresh fish from the harbour.
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August - Aso, Japan, highs of 28°: Home to one of Japan’s secret natural wonders, Mt Aso, Aso city is surrounded by local villages and lush greenery, offering a ton of tourists activities, as well as a hotel price drop of 5 per cent.
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September - Busan, South Korea, highs of 26°: The bustling city features beaches, historic temples and hot springs, as well as great food and shopping. The ideal getaway for city lovers also saw a 3 percent drop in hotel prices.
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October - Trang, Thailand, highs of 26°: It’s often overlooked, but this hidden gem of Southern Thailand is a great destination for those wanting a lot of beach time. Travellers can explore marine caves or go snorkelling or sailing through the Hat Choi Mai National Park. They can even enjoy a whopping 32 percent drop in hotel prices.
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November - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, highs of 31°: Spot an Orangutan in the morning, go for a jungle hike in the afternoon and have dinner in a traditional longhouse – that’s what travellers can enjoy at Kota Kinabalu. The East Malaysian city offers craft markets, fresh seafood, hot springs, river cruises and endless hiking through Mount Kinabalu National Park. It also saw its hotel prices drop 3 percent.
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December - Daintree, Australia, highs of 32°: It sees temperatures soar to 32 degrees, allowing travellers to enjoy adventures like river cruises with crocodiles, walks through the Daintree rainforest and swims on spectacular beaches, as well as a 16 percent drop in hotel prices.