Gallery: Historic Cairo's Baron Palace set to open its doors to the public by early 2020

Work to $6 million restoration of the century-old Baron Empain Palace has sparked outcry.
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Egyptian authorities have defended renovation works at a historic Cairo palace after the site's new look sparked mockery on social media.
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Many have taken issue with white marble additions to the building's rosy pink stone exterior, saying the materials are of poor quality and not in keeping with the original style.
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The works began in July 2017 in cooperation with the Belgian government and will cost 100 million Egyptian pounds (over $6 million), the statement added.
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Work is expected to be completed by year's end with plans to open the building to the public by early 2020.
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Egypt's multitude of historical monuments and buildings are a major draw for tourists, though the country has often faced accusations of neglecting these sites.