Revealed: the three categories male shoe shoppers fall into

According to luxury footwear retailer, Level Shoe District, the male customer’s shopping behaviour has evolved in a trio of groups
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Luxury footwear retailer Level Shoe District has revealed that the male shopper falls into three different groups: Classic, Contemporary, and Designer Sneaker. Since then, the shop has redesigned its entire men’s space to create three edited zones for each category.\nThe transformation was decided when the brand discovered that 38 percent of fashion items bought by GCC males are shoes, compared to 21 percent globally.\nHere are the three male customer profiles they have identified.
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Classic: The classic shopper chooses designers with timeless pieces. In his area, brands like Paolo Scafora, Magnanni, Berluti, and Edward Green are featured. As part of the zone, there is also a made-to-order shoes service by Magnanni and Paolo Scafora. This type of customer likes styles in exotic leathers like alligator and lizard, while Scafora also offers five styles in calf leather.
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Contemporary: This shopper prefers modern designers such as Louis Leeman, Stubbs & Wootton, and Dries Van Noten. To cater to this type of male, the store offers a hot stamping services performed by The Cobbler on leather shoes.\n
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Designer Sneakers: Buscemi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Filling Pieces, Common Projects, Susudio, and Balenciaga are among the brands loved by this shopper. These shoppers like to have their shoes customised in several different techniques, like tattooing.
Thu 22 Oct 2015 10:47 AM GST
By Lubna Hamdan