5 tips for buying seafront property in Dubai

Views are a big part of choosing waterfront property
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Dubai is famous for its sunny weather and pristine beach shores. So it makes total sense to buy a seafront property in the city – specifically, the celebrity-favoured Palm Jumeirah. Anne Ogilvie and Sam El Obeid, experts from Dubai luxury real estate company Luxhabitat, share their tips on how to choose the best seafront property for you.
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Opt for free flowing water all year round

\nThe Palm Jumeirah is known for its seafront villas, but Ogilvie and Obeid reveal that some villas in the area have better flowing water than others. So be picky with your property. “C and E fronds have better free-flowing water in addition to K, L, and M due the bridge,” says Ogilvie.
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Select your favourite view

\nA big part of the beauty of seafront properties lies in their views. For example, the odd number villas on the Palm Jumeirah receive more morning light, so if you like sunrises better than sunset, opt for those. The even-numbered villas get better afternoon and sunset views as well as more breeze, according to the real estate experts.
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Pay attention to service charges

\nExperts insist that Nakheel provides some of the lowest services charges in the city. They also claim the firm is “very good at maintaining the beaches regularly”. According to them, the fact that only community residents can access the beaches gives a great guarantee that they will remain clean and mostly private.
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How to get the best value out of your property

\nOgilvie recommends buying property on the highest number villas and plots. And if you’re buying for investment purposes, look out for the most important factor: location, location, location.
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Insuring your home

\nHome insurance is important, especially when it is a seafront property and has added value. The Palm reportedly has a low insurance premium compared to other seafront properties in the city.
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By Lubna Hamdan