Quick and healthy eateries for Dubai’s business people

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If one thing’s for sure, it’s that successful business people rarely have time for a long, luxurious lunch. Contrary to common thinking, they hardly ever indulge in a slow-cooked meal while on the job. Because they’re short on time, they need something quick, stress-free and pleasant. The only problem is, you can’t have fast food that is also nutritious and healthy. Or can you? Thanks to some research and plenty of food-trying, we’ve discovered hidden gems in Dubai that offer – wait for it – healthy fast food!
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1. Mantoushe: Wraps and salads will never be boring again – not if you’re eating at/ordering from Mantoushe. Most of the UAE-based eatery’s menu is based on the Lebanese man’oushe (or wrap, if you will) – but in healthy yet nutritious versions. Steak, haloume, and guacamole-based wraps are a few of their offerings. You could also create your own. What makes them stand out? They offer corporate packages for much cheaper prices when compared to other outlets. Sounds like a good deal to us. Plus, they deliver almost anywhere in Dubai!

\nLocations: JLT
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2. Pret To Go: The brand, which is aimed at providing for the “person-on-the-go,” is probably as healthy as it gets when it comes to work lunches and snacks. From organic muesli to smoked salmon, you really can’t go wrong with this choice. Whether it’s breakfast, protein snacks, or lunch, Pret To Go seems to have it all until proven otherwise. It even has water infused with fresh orange slices. Why didn’t we think of that?

\nLocations: DIFC, Dubai Media City, and Jebel Ali
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3. Baker and Spice: Anyone who’s tried this knows that it’s one of business people’s favourite healthy dining options. It has a daily changing menu of Mediterranean and Asian cooking which organic choices. The London-generated concept has stuffed eggplant, chicken pie, and beef lasagne as some of its dishes. It delivers across Dubai.

\nLocations: Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina
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4. Joga: Yes – it is as cool as its name. While Joga’s menu has healthy, waist-friendly options, it also has healthy, calorific choices. So even if you’re not a fan of their Quinoa salad, you could go for their barbeque chicken sandwich with extra sauce, like we do. It’s healthy, but not too healthy – if you know what we mean.

\nLocations: DIFC, Dubai Media City, Downtown Dubai, and Jebel Ali
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5. 1762: This gourmet deli is similar to Joga in that it has a large combination of diet foods and healthy foods. What’s the difference? You could have a steak sandwich with some butter or a smoked salmon with salad, but both of your options would be healthy. Whether you’re a salad junky or bread lover, you’d find something to suit you in this joint.

\nLocations: DIFC, Dubai Media City, and Jebel Ali
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6. Kcal: Don’t judge this outlet by its monthly diet plans. The restaurant’s food is nothing like it. It has more flavour and calories, but it’s still one of your best healthy options in Dubai. Plus, it has quite a diverse menu with customised options, so it’ll stay on our favourite list. Among its best dishes is the Vietnamese spring roll and healthy chicken burger.

\nLocations: JBR, JLT, Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Investment Park, and Mirdif
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7. Appetite: This is probably one of the earliest health eateries in Dubai. Having started 10 years ago, the UAE-based concept changes its menu constantly. From veggie sushi to chicken curry, it has many healthy options on its menu. It even has caloric deserts in case you’re up for a treat. Their rice crackers with chocolate is one of our favourites.

\nLocations: Business Bay and Al Quoz
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