Top 10 watches for women

Our top picks for ladies timepieces at this year's Dubai Watch Week
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Our top picks for ladies timepieces at this year's Dubai Watch Week
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Christophe Claret: Romantic restaurants, romantic songs, and now... a romantic watch. Marguerite by Christophe Claret is inspired by the 18th century “He loves me, he loves me not” French game. On the mother-of-pearl dial rests a white daisy flower with a ruby in the middle and two butterflies on each end of the clock hands. When time passes, it gives the illusion of the butterflies fluttering around the flower. And with a push of a button, the numbers on the dial disappear to reveal the phrase: “Il m’aime passionnément” - He loves me passionately.
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Faberge: Russian jewellery house Faberge is famous for its ornamented eggs. So it comes as no surprise that The Lady Compliquee timepiece pays homage to its peacock egg of 1908. Besides the diamond-set peacock, its other striking feature is the swirling numerals on the mother of pearl dial. The watch also entails a white alligator strap and diamonds on the bezel.
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Bvlgari: The MVSA High Jewellery watch by Bvlgari is a staggering $1.14 million. Embellished with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, it is the most expensive one of its kind at the event this year.
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Chaument: The Hortensia Creative Complication is one of the most feminine watches ever made – at least in our eyes. Though the dial has almost no empty space, it doesn’t appear overly crowded. Instead, the white gold, white and pink diamonds, and pearls give it an elegant and classical style vibe.
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Jaquet Droz: The Lady 8 Flower Automat is not for the faint-hearted. With a Lotus flower that closes and blooms, this watch is one of 28 limited edition pieces. Both the lotus, red butterfly on the dial, and brown and 18k red gold combination give this timepiece an exotic look. We also love the snow-set diamonds on the bezel. Price: $157,008.
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DeLaneau: The Rondo 42 Peony by DeLaneau might seem simple thanks to its oven-fired black enamel dial. But it’s actually not that simple. The blue peony flower on the upper left corner is handmade with 12 set yellow diamonds in the centre. In addition to the latter, the watch has diamonds everywhere, literally. There are diamonds on the bezel, diamonds on the lugs, diamonds on the flower, and even a diamond on the crown.
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De Grisogono: We don’t know where to start with De Grisogono’s Grappoli watch. 73 carats of precious stones, 70 briolette-cut and 980 round brilliant diamonds. Everywhere you look, there’s something sparkling, whether it’s the snow-set diamonds on the dial and bezel or the double row of slightly moving briolette-cut gemstones. According to the brand, this timepiece takes 120 hours of work.
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Chaumet: There aren’t a lot of brands that create better jewellery watches than Chaumet. The French brand’s Josephine Airgrette Imperiale is, according to us, one of their best pieces. This is because it’s so simple yet so decorated without being over-the-top. We think that this watch could suit any woman, especially as it represents perfect geometry - no lugs and no crown. And plus, who doesn’t like white gold and diamonds?
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Bvlgari: Another Bvlgari piece on our list is this II Giardino Notturno with a complicated dial. Representing a moonflower in a night sky, the dial consists of mother of pearl, white gold, blue glass, and diamonds.
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Ulysse Nardin: The Jade by Ulysse Nardin has a slightly oval case, differentiating it from the traditional round one. Another feature that makes it stand out from its opponents is the diamond-set gold swirl on the dial. While this might be a bit too complicated for us in terms of numbers, we love the pink gold, diamond-set bezel and crown, and mother of pearl dial combination.

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