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Wed 13 Sep 2017 12:19 PM

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Final call for nominations - Arabian Business StartUp Awards 2017

Entries must be received by tomorrow, Thursday 14th September

Final call for nominations - Arabian Business StartUp Awards 2017

We are coming into the final two days to submit your entries for the prestigious Arabian Business StartUp Awards for 2017 – the region’s most important event in the start-up calendar.

It is free to enter and submit your nominations and you can nominate any number of start-up businesses for consideration.

Who can nominate?

• Nominate your own business
• Nominate a business you represent (as a PR, accountant or advisor)
• Investors can nominate start-ups they have backed
• Nominate an impressive business started by someone you know

The Arabian Business StartUp Awards recognise entrepreneurs as the very special individuals that they are. These guys work hard to make their business idea a reality by applying true grit, commitment, resilience and unshakeable self-belief to get their businesses up and running.

They make a positive difference to our economy, our business ecosystem, our citizens and residents and the reputation of the region.

Why nominate?

Entrepreneurs and start-ups are at the forefront of innovation and contribute valuable economic drivers that make this an exciting region to do business. The Arabian Business StartUp Awards allow us all to recognise this. Here are some of the benefits of nominating a start-up for an award:

Added prestige and credibility for the business: Being a nominee for an award validates the entrepreneur and their idea to the business community.

Great PR for the business: You get to tell everyone that you have been nominated for an award. Aside from issuing a press release to let everyone know, you can also add your nominee status to your email signature for all your clients and prospects to see.

Getting onto the investor radar: Investors become aware of you and will see your business in a different light if you have been nominated for an award. If you are seeking to attract funding in future, this is a great opportunity for you.

Networking with the right people: You can buy either individual seats or book a table at the Awards, enabling you to network with peers and investors over a lavish gala dinner and a highly charged business atmosphere – all focused on start-ups.

How to nominate?

You can nominate as many start-ups as you want for free and submit your entries by clicking here.

The Awards take place on Tuesday 24th October 2017, starting with the welcome reception at 7:30pm.


• Entrepreneur of the Year
• Young Entrepreneur of the Year
• People’s Choice Award: Entrepreneur of the Year
• Start-Up of the Year
• SME Leader of the Year
• SME of the Year
• Mentor of the Year
• Start Up Programme of the Year
• SME Bank of the Year
• Incubator/Accelerator of the Year
• Funding Initiative of the Year
• Social Enterprise of the Year
• Intrapreneur of the Year
• Investor of the Year
• New Media Start Up of the Year

To book your seats, table and for sponsorship details, email or visit