Dubai Customs seize black magic haul

Around 1200 items used for witchcraft and sorcery seized by emirate's authorities

Black magic and sorcery are illegal under UAE law.

Black magic and sorcery are illegal under UAE law.

Dubai Customs said it had arrested two men attempting to smuggle approximately 1,200 items used in witchcraft and black magic into the Gulf emirate, including talisman, amulets, worry beads, fish skeletons and animal bones.

Ali Al Maghawi, director of the airport operations department at Dubai Customs, said the suspects were arrested after their bags were searched as they travelled through Dubai International Airport.

“Inspectors discovered inside the bags a great numbers of witchery writings, talisman and items which are usually used in witchcraft and sorcery work and is strictly prohibited by UAE law,” he said in a statement.

More than 1,200 items were found, including some talisman with different sizes, tin cans for amulets, metallic papers, worry beads, animal skins, sorcery knives, magic teaching books, bags containing fish skeletons, animal bones, ampules containing blood & liquids, animal drawings used in sorcery works, strings, pieces of charcoals, finger rings, oysters, leaves, powders, cotton rolls used in sorcery works, thread and some dark materials, the statement added.

The move is part of Dubai Customs’ crackdown on the smuggling of such items into the UAE, with 92 seizures related to witchery and sorcery in 2011 and 16 in the first quarter of 2012.

Black magic and sorcery are illegal under UAE law.

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Posted by: keenobzerver

@ Expat 123
Some middle east countries execute drug smugglers, again this is not mentioned explicitly in the Quran, but has been going on for years without debate.

Sorcerers indeed are punished by death according to Islamic tradition. The key point here is that those who CLAIM to practise sorcery, and offer their services with or without a fee, are to be executed, regaredless of whether or not the sorcery itself is real, their crime is promoting themselves as sorcerers. Whats their crime? through their voluntary action they have caused members of society to believe in mystic powers, and that their affairs and futures can be influenced by magic or spirits with disregard to the will of God. Instead of seeking divine intervention, the peope fall victim to con men and cheats pretending to have black magic.

Posted by: procan

The gap between west and Middle East exist, and sounds like it will never close with this type belief system so entrench. Try to imagine how this reads in the New york Times,or Toronto Red Star, Times of London.

Posted by: Rashed

According to Islamic law these men must be executed! Black magic is a poison! If someone poisoned someone then they would be executed. This is pure evil. There must be exemplary punishment for such people.

Posted by: Expat123

Rashed, do you live in the 15th Century? Black Magic is fake, it doesnt exist and its not real. These are simple con artists that trick stupid people into believing their scam. Should these con artists be punish, of course! But should they pay with their lives? Come on, the punishment of death certainly doesnt fit the crime. Please tell me where in the Holy Book it says this is punishable by death? Get educated buddy.

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