Is Dennis Rodman the biggest buffoon on earth?

Ex-basketball superstar's courting of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is staggeringly stupid, says Anil Bhoyrul

Every once in a while, a spectacular fool reveals himself. A true bozo. A man of astonishing stupidity. A legend in his own lunchtime.

Meet Dennis Rodman, the ex-Chicago Bulls basketball star. Right now, Rodman and his pals are heading to North Korea to help celebrate the birthday of dictator Kim Jong-un.  Rodman will lead retired NBA All-Stars’ Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson and Vin Baker for an exhibition game against North Korea, to be held on Wednesday to mark Kim's birthday.

I’m surprised Kim has the time for Rodman. He’s been busy lately: last month he reportedly fed his uncle Jang Song-Thaek to 120 dogs in an execution watched by 300 officials. More than 100,000 political prisoners are in labour camps in the country, which Kim has turned into economic chaos, with widespread famine and, for good measure, war mongering with South Korea at every opportunity. You would do well to find a worse dictator currently alive (or arguably even dead).

But Kim, says Rodman, is his pal. “He is my friend first ... and I love him,” Rodman said on Sunday.

Over the past 20 years in journalism, I have written about and indeed met many celebrities who cannot quite cope with life once they are off the stage. They miss the adrenalin rush, the public adulation and media attention. They often would do anything to be back in the public glare.

But Rodman has taken this to new depths.  Hanging out with a brutal dictator will no doubt give him the attention he craves. Just like his last visit to the country, he will be treated as a hero (at least inside North Korea).

Once the birthday bash is over and he steps outside the country, he will be back to his original self: a tragic buffoon.

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Posted by: philip

Rodman is brilliant for looking after him self! what has anyone done for him? I guess any of the buffoons would have done the same thing he did for the dollar bills

Posted by: Ronald

Anderson Cooper on CNN apparently summed it all up, saying Rodman was simply "stupid".

Posted by: RSS

The writer himself is a big BAFOON for having written such an article and we are bigger BAFOONS to comment on his stupid article. I wonder how the BAFOONS at ArabianBusiness publised this ?

Posted by: Amer

I really think the writer is a bigger BAFOON for wasting time on negative propaganda. Why do you want everyone to have the same world view as yours? Because you are always right?

Posted by: Ponder

Thought Mr Rodman is no genius by any standards do note that the report of Kim's uncle being fed to the dogs is Chinese disinformation. By purging Uncle Jang Kim has actually eliminated Beijing's ace card and closest ally in Pyongyang.

Beijing is not happy with North Korea's show of independent behavior. Kim is eliminating all pro-Chinese generals and bureaucrats. It is now increasingly believed this is all done to eventually deal with the US directly and normalize relations. This is something China would not want at all as it will stand to lose its bulwark in NE Asia.

What happening here has more than meets the eye and the young Mr Kim is clearly more talented and deadly a player in spycraft and realpolitik that may have originally appeared from the outside.

Pls see this as sourcing for points stated above:

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