The strongest coffee to wake you up when nothing else will

Ditch the espressos and opt for brewed coffee for a stronger and longer-lasting boost
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We’ve all been there: that desperate moment when you close your eyes at the traffic light hoping to get ten seconds’ worth of uninterrupted sleep, or the time you down a double shot espresso as you enter a meeting you most certainly aren’t prepared to sit through. But which coffee will give you the biggest boost at times when you really need it? We found the best ones with the highest dosages of caffeine:

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355ml cup of Death Wish brewed coffee

This New York-based brand claims to make the world’s strongest coffee by combining organic Arabica and Robusta beans to create a blend that is 200% as caffeinated as an average cup of coffee. A 355ml cup of Death Wish coffee has up to 651mg of caffeine. Thankfully, it ship to the UAE and the rest of the GCC.

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590ml cup of Starbucks brewed coffee

One of the leading coffee chain’s most caffeinated drinks is its Venti cup of brewed coffee, which is 590ml and has 415mg of caffeine. It might give you less of a kick than Death Wish, but the caffeine level is still higher than the recommended average, which is 400mg per day per adult.

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473ml cup of Seattle’s Best brewed coffee

We’re not surprised at this entry particularly because it’s Washington-based, where all the hard-core coffee drinkers are. The wholly owned subsidiary of Starbucks offers a large, 473ml cup of brewed coffee containing 415mg of caffeine.

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591ml cup of Dunkin’ Donuts brewed coffee

To raise the level of caffeine in their coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts adds a turbo shot to the mix. A turbo is, essentially, an extra espresso shot that is made from medium-roasted ground coffee and has slightly more caffeine than in an original blend, leaving you with 395mg of caffeine. 

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560ml cup of Costa Coffee café mocha

The most popular coffee chain in the UK makes a Massimo (large) café mocha that has up to 395mg of caffeine (four shots of espresso) depending on the amount of cocoa in the drink. If you want something with less calories but almost the same amount of caffeine, opt for a Massimo Americano from the brand. It has 370mg of caffeine.

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473ml cup of Caribou Coffee brewed coffee

The specialty coffee retailer is slowly but surely becoming as prominent as some of the biggest names in the industry. So it only makes sense that it offers one of the most caffeinated cups of brewed coffee. Its large cup contains as much as 385mg of caffeine.

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473ml cup of Starbucks brewed coffee

If you’re not up for Starbucks’ Venti cup, which is equivalent to an x-large cup, opt for the coffee brand’s 473ml Grande size. Choose plain brewed coffee, which has 330 mg of caffeine.

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563ml cup of Tim Hortons brewed coffee

It might have opened in the GCC just a few years back, but Tim Hortons was popular for its quality coffee drinks long before its regional presence. Today, it offers a 563ml large brewed coffee cup with 330mg of caffeine.

Sun 23 Jul 2017 09:58 AM GST
By Lubna Hamdan