In pictures: Kuwait International Airport's new Terminal 4 first flight lands in neighboring Bahrain

Kuwait Airways, the first airline take off from the new Terminal 4 (T4) at Kuwait International Airport, arrived at Bahrain International Airport Wednesday. The 'Blue Bird' will have its own building, with the hope to increase total number of regular daily flights to 92, Kuwait Airways Board Chairman Youssef Al-Jassem added.
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Located in the northern region of Kuwait International Airport and covers an area of 55,000 square meters, includes 14 exit gates.
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Kuwait Airways commissions first flight from new T4 to Bahrain International Airport
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Bahrain's prime minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman receives delegation of Kuwaiti officials and journalists.
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Through the T4, 25 of the latest models will takeoff and 4.6 million passengers by the end of this year will be flying, with an estimated increase of half-a-million passengers each year.
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The T4 and T5 buildings contribute in reducing pressure on the main airport by 60 percent.
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20 luggage-weighing counters among other services and facilities.
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Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah launched the new terminal last month.
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The new terminal includes a duty free retail area and parking for 2,450 vehicles.
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The terminal is part of the government’s efforts to enhance Kuwait’s air transport system under the Kuwait 2035 Vision which aims to turn the country into a regional investor-friendly and trade hub.
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In 2016, Kuwait signed a $172.3 million contract with Korean and Kuwaiti companies to construct the terminal.