Chaos after Egypt football match leaves dozens dead

Fatal clash between rival al-Masry and Al Ahli fans is worst football disaster in Egypt's history
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Egyptian football fans rush to the pit during riots that erupted after a football match between al-Masry and Al Ahli teams in Port Said on Feb 1, 2012. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Flares are thrown in the stadium after riots erupted. Seventy-four people were killed and at least 1,000 injured in the resulting violence. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Angry politicians decried a lack of security at the match between Port Said team al-Masry and Cairo's Al Ahli. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Egyptian Al-Ahli players escape from the field as fans of Al-Masry team rush after them (AFP/Getty Images)
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The post-match pitch invasion provoked panic among the crowd as rival fans fought, with most of the deaths among people who were trampled in the crush of the panicking crowd (AFP/Getty Images)
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Many of the Al Ahli fans involved were "ultras", dedicated supporters of the team with years of experience confronting police at football matches (AFP/Getty Images)
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Egyptian Al-Ahli players escape from the field. Witnesses said fighting began after Ahli fans unfurled banners insulting Port Said and one descended to the pitch carrying an iron bar at the end of the match(AFP/Getty Images)
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Al-Masry fans reacted by pouring onto the pitch and attacking Ahli players before turning to the terraces to attack rival supporters. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Many fans died in a subsequent stampede, while some were flung off their seats onto the pitch and were killed by the fall (AFP/Getty Images)
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Live television coverage showed fans running onto the field and chasing Al Ahli and al Masry players(AFP/Getty Images)
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Egypt's top Muslim cleric called the events a massacre that violated the words and teachings of Islam (AFP/Getty Images)
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Hospitals throughout the Suez Canal zone were put on a state of alert and dozens of ambulances rushed to Port Said (AFP/Getty Images)