Dubai 'sex in cab' Brit hid marriage to avoid adultery charge

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A British expat jailed for having sexual relations in the back of a taxi in Dubai has admitted she kept the fact she was married a secret in order to avoid being charged with adultery, which would have resulted in much harsher sentence.

Rebecca Blake, from the UK, and Connor McRedmond, from Ireland, were arrested on May 4 for having sex out of marriage in the back of a Dubai taxi, after they were reported to police by the driver. They were also charged with consuming alcohol in public.

This summer, the emirate’s highest court, the Cassation Court, upheld an Appeals Court ruling that the pair serve two months in jail and pay a AED2,000 ($545) fine.

The duo were originally sentenced to three months’ jail and fined AED3000.

Blake has since served her jail term and has returned to the UK.

In an interview with the Daily Express she revealed her lawyer had urged her to marry McRedmond but she was unable to as she was still technically married

“Our lawyer asked if we’d marry. Conor agreed but I explained I was still technically married from six years ago... [The lawyer] panicked and told me to keep quiet. He said I’d be done for adultery, which is really serious. I was scared.”

Blake agreed to keep her previous marriage secret in order to avoid being charged with adultery.

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Posted by: Laiq

They should have punished more atleast two years and deportation no EXCUSE for them they shouldnt be allowed this type of activities here ......

Posted by: peter peter

Now that she has let the cat out f the bag , does the lawyer become liable for suppressing a fact that would have got a harsher sentence ?

Posted by: Senarath

but why are you giving a hard time to your lawyer after left Dubai he said keep quite mean quite dont you understand that

Posted by: Krishnan Rajan

She has obviously thrown her lawyer under the bus. I wonder how much trouble he is going to have to get himself out of the mess! Also, what thrill does she get out of going public with this information?

Posted by: Xee

"In an interview with the Daily Express she revealed her lawyer had urged her to marry McRedmond but she was unable to as she was still technically married"

So it wasn't enough for the world to know she was an out of control drunk with questionable morals, she had to go an announce she is also an adulteress....good way to driver home the point she was making - whatever it was..

I can name a couple of professions where the above information would fit perfectly on her C.V. for her next job!

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