IN PICS: Funeral of Suzan Tamim

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Relatives of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim carry her coffin as they leave her parents' house during her funeral in Beirut. Tamim was found dead in Dubai on July 28. (Getty Images)
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Grieving friends and relatives surround the coffin of Suzan Tamim. The popular singer came to fame in 1996 on a TV talent show. (Getty Images)
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Her coffin is carried to its final resting place at the funeral in Beirut on August 4. Tamim released two albums and had been twice married. (Getty Images)
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Abdul Sattar, the father of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim, pictured left, mourns as he helps carry the coffin. (Getty Images)
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Khalil, centre, the brother of Suzan Tamim, and her father Abdul Sattar, right, mourn her death. (Getty Images)
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Crowds of people gather for the funeral offer their condolences to the father of Suzan Tamim, Abdul Sattar, centre. (Getty Images)
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A traditional Lebanese music group performs as the funeral procession of slain Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim arrives at her parents' house in Beirut. (Getty Images)
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The car carrying the coffin of Suzan Tamim arrives at her parents' house prior to her high-profile funeral in Beirut. (Getty Images)
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