The fastest growing source markets for UAE tourism

TripAdvisor study reveals the largest and fastest growing markets showing interest in the UAE
New York City.jpg
Rank: 1 \nCountry: United States \nYear-on-Year Interest Increase: 21% \nPercentage of Total Traffic: 8%
Rank: 2 \nCountry: Australia \nYear-on-Year Interest Increase: 14% \nPercentage of Total Traffic: 4%
Rank: 3 \nCountry: United Kingdom \nYear-on-Year Interest Increase: 10% \nPercentage of Total Traffic: 19%
Rank: 4 \nCountry: France \nYear-on-Year Interest Increase: 6% \nPercentage of Total Traffic: 4%
Rank: 5 \nCountry: India \nYear-on-Year Interest Increase: 5% \nPercentage of Total Traffic: 7%