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Sun 6 Jul 2008 12:48 PM

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30 sand tiger sharks arrive in Dubai

Dubai Aquarium takes delivery of first batch of 3.5m sharks, will form part of new Dubai Mall attraction.

Dubai Aquarium, which will be one of the largest aquariums in the world when it opens in August, has taken delivery of its first batch of 30 sand tiger sharks.

Also known as grey nurse sharks, the species grows up to 11 feet (3.5 metres) in length, and will form part of the 33,000 population of aquatic animals in the new attraction.

The fish were delivered under the supervision of the Oceanis Australia Group in line with international best practices, Dubai Mall developers Emaar said in a statement on Sunday.

The methodology employed in transporting, housing and maintaining the selected species within Dubai Aquarium comply with all relevant international and regional government permits, including CITES.

The planning and setting up of Dubai Aquarium is in accordance with the guidelines of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), and abides by a comprehensive Code of Ethics and Animal Care with respect to the acquisition and display of the selected species, said the statement.

The docile, non-aggressive species can grow up to 30,000 needle-like teeth over their lifetime, which they use to grab small prey.

They are found in warm or temperate waters throughout the world’s oceans, except the eastern Pacific and have a tendency towards shoreline habitats.

Other attractions at The Dubai Mall, which will open in late 2008, will include the region’s first SEGA indoor theme park covering 76,000 sp ft; the world’s largest indoor gold souk with 220 retailers; an Olympic-size ice rink; and The Grove, an indoor-outdoor streetscape with fully retractable roof.

kaptain 11 years ago

..would these sharks..devour the lying low in the aquarium (read UAE)?

Christine 11 years ago

I'm sure they were all miserable where they came from.... Please give me one reason why these sharks should be in a tank in a mall instead of swimming in the sea.

Mia 11 years ago

Animals should not be kept in captivity! Can u imagine a HUMAN BEING sitting in a cage or dropped in an aquarium to swim around in circles? THINK of it that way. I think we should sign a petition for this not to happen because it's disgusting and sad.

Rima Medawar 11 years ago

Can't you find another type of HEALTHY (for animals) ENVIRONMENTAL entertainment? Why should animals suffer from Man's greed for money? These sharks must live in THEIR WORLD !!!!