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Sat 12 Jan 2019 10:53 AM

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Revealed: the UAE's humanitarian aid efforts in numbers

New exhibition highlights global humanitarian and developmental efforts carried out by the UAE

Revealed: the UAE's humanitarian aid efforts in numbers
The UAE's humanitarian efforts exceeded $32 billion during the four-year period to 2017.

The UAE's humanitarian efforts exceeded $32 billion during the four-year period to 2017, according a new exhibition organised by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), in coordination with the Federal National Council (FNC).

The exhibition, which has opened in Brussels to promote UAE’s global humanitarian and developmental efforts, shows millions of refugees and displaced people around the world benefited, including 10 million Yemenis.

The UAE's humanitarian aid has included $4.92 billion to Yemen, $174.6 million to Libya, $963.5 million to Syrian people, $641.5 million to Iraq, $233.3 million to Somalia and $489 million to Palestinians.

Titled From Humanitarian Aid to Stability, the three-day exhibition aims to disseminate more knowledge about UAE’s values and principles premised on providing aid without discrimination, state news agency WAM reported.

Attending the exhibition's opening were European Parliament president Antonio Tajani and Dr Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, speaker of the FNC.

Tajani expressed sincere appreciation of the humanitarian and relief efforts tirelessly made by the UAE, underlining the need for forging a joint action by Europe and UAE to address the issue of illegitimate refugees.

He also underscored the necessity for doubling efforts to counter terrorism and ensure security and stability all over the world.

Al Qubaisi said: "The UAE is pursuing the path laid by late Sheikh Zayed to effectively contribute to easing the suffering of the needy and poor all over the globe."

The ERC has two offices in Palestine, and the rest in Erbil, Lebanon, Somalia, Egypt, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Albania and Yemen from which operations are coordinated.

The exhibition includes photos, videos and statistics related to Emirati humanitarian and development aid, and showcases the relief aid, medical and food supplies, tents and educational support provided by the UAE.

It also showcases documentary photos of the ERC’s humanitarian and development efforts around the world, as well as the educational, health, social, emergency, water and electricity services it provides to many regions.

The exhibition also features a detailed model of the Mrejeib AlFhood Camp that hosts Syrian refugees in Jordan and the services it provides.