In pictures: 5 of the best skydiving spots around the world

Feel like jumping out of a plane today? Here's where you should do it...
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WHERE: Mount Everest, Nepal

HEIGHT: 29,035ft above sea level

COST: From $22,000 (AED 80806)

WHY: The Holy Grail for skydivers, Mount Everest has the highest drop zone in the world. Take a leap of a lifetime and jump off the plane for magnificent views of the mighty Himalayas. With only four skydiving trips yearly, skydivers get an option of choosing their landing spot: Ama Dablam Base Camp or Syangboche Airport.

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HEIGHT: 13,000ft above sea level

COST: From AED 2,000

WHY: Jump out of the plane with an aerial view of an enchanting desert, man-made islands, the world’s tallest building and The World island archipelago. Getting in touch with the company is a task, so make sure you book in advance to reserve yourself a spot.  009714 377 8888,

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WHERE: Fox Glacier, New Zealand

HEIGHT: 9,000ft to 16,500ft

COST: From $249 (AED 915)

WHY: The land of adventure, New Zealand has been ranked the best skydiving destination by the Travel Channel. An aerial view of the New Zealand’s highest mountains, Moutain Tasman and Aoraki, Tasman Sea and the largest glaciers in the Southern Alps awaits. 00643 751 0080,

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WHERE: Interlaken, Switzerland

HEIGHT: 13,000ft to 15,000ft

COST: From CHF 395 (AED 1515)

WHY: See the scenic Swizz Alps, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz from Interlaken at the speed of 120mph. During winter the snowy peaks makes you feel like you’re jumping in to a Christmas cake. 004133 821 0011,

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WHERE: Hawaii, USA

HEIGHT: 8,000ft to 20,000ft

COST: From $175 (AED 643)

WHY: Skydive tropical style while falling through the Hawaiian skies at 120 miles per hour and catch epic views of the islands, rainforests, mountains and beaches. Reducing their carbon footprint by 40 per cent Hawaii is the only eco-friendly skydive destination that uses energy efficient airplanes. 001808 637 970,