Gallery: Dubai's sophisticated cigar lounges

Enjoy the finer things in life while unwinding in wooden interiors and swaying to soothing jazz tunes at some of the city's best venues
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The Cigar Bar: It claims to offer a modern twist to your traditional cigar lounge, but the venue at Fairmont Dubai retains signature décor elements such as warm tones of mahogany and dark furniture, evoking a laidback, almost careless ambience. The Cigar Lounge boasts a handcrafted, walk-in humidor, where guests can take advantage of temperature controlled private cigar lockers. An in-house cigar sommelier makes sure cigars are checked, cleaned and rotated on a weekly basis.
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Hendricks Bar: The Four Seasons Resort in Dubai rarely disappoints, so it is no wonder that its classic British club, the Hendricks Bar, is greatly impressive. The gentlemen’s-style cigar club boasts not only some of the world’s best cigars, but also stylish trolleys where serves prepare drinks tableside. The hidden gem is located in a quiet corner of the hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road.
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Cigar Lounge: While most cigar lounges are dark and windowless, the Cigar Lounge at The Address Downtown Dubai is located on the 13th floor, from where it offers stunning views of the city skyline and iconic Burj Khalifa. It also promises world class cigars presented in a well-stocked humidor, including limited editions from Cuba and South America’s most celebrated cigar houses.
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Dukes Cigar Lounge: It oozes subtle sophistication thanks to its rich, dark wood interiors and English leather Chesterfields. But it’s not your typical cigar lounge, with lush blue furnishing evoking a modern feel. Dukes Cigar Lounge at Dukes Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, allows guests to choose from a range of finely crafted cigars, while enjoying soothing jazz tunes.
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Above 21 at Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai: It’s upscale but boasts an effortless, laidback vibe as the cigar lounge in Dubai’s swanky Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai hotel is inspired by a modern Gatsby theme. The premium lounge, which features a high-end selection of rare cigars, is split over two floors, with an exclusive members-only lounge housing a walk-in humidor situated on level 14.
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Library Bar, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai: Inspired by a traditional drawing room, the Library Bar is not a typical cigar lounge, as its food menu is just as good as its cigar collection. It offers classic but delicious and fulfilling bites including wagyu sliders and lemongrass chicken skewers, as well as salmon tartare, squid tempura and short rib tacos which guests can enjoy while unwinding on leather couches in cosy corners. The lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai is ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life.