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Mon 25 Mar 2013 03:50 PM

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Pearl-Qatar alcohol ban claims another victim

Upscale Thai restaurant Mango Tree to close at end of month, reports local news

Pearl-Qatar alcohol ban claims another victim
Views of Pearl-Qatar

A controversial ban on alcohol at Qatar's manmade Pearl-Qatar development has led to the closure of another restaurant, according to local news in the Gulf state.

Doha News reported that upscale Thai restaurant Mango Tree will shut its doors for good at the end of the month due to the alcohol ban, which was introduced at the end of 2011 and caused a slump in revenues for a number of restaurants and subsequent closures.

In January, celebrity UK chef Gordon Ramsay weighed in on the row over alcohol on the development, which led to the closure of his Maze restaurant in March 2012 after just two years of operation. Ramsay told one local news outlet that he did not see the rule "lasting much longer".

“I think the legislation in terms of operating restraints - going out for dinner and not being allowed to have a glass of wine - I think it’s one turn-off for any local,” he was quoted as saying by Doha News.

Earlier this year, one expert told Arabian Business that lifting the ban on alcohol on Pearl-Qatar could lead to a resurgence in the number of tourists patronising the development.

“Reintroducing alcohol would certainly help the development's appeal for residents, as well as attracting non residents to come and enjoy the restaurants and hence add to the economic and social activities that help create a thriving [area],” said Edward Brookes, Head of Valuation at real estate firm DTZ Middle East.

DTZ Middle East's Brookes said that the Pearl-Qatar's reputation was also being impacted by delays in construction, as well as varying quality between residences on the development.

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Salim 6 years ago

Reintroducing alcohol would certainly help the development of Devils, prostitute,gambling etc (Alcohol is a mother of shayatin).

CYCLONE :-)) 6 years ago

Go Salim go, tell them. Open their eyes.

procan 6 years ago

If this is the wish of the people of Qatar then so be it. Lets get on with it. There faith and moral code denies alcohol and the behavior that goes a along with it .Will the last person out of the Pearl -Qatar turn off the lights.

The Dude that Used to Live There 6 years ago

It is funny. Across the bridge from Pearl Qatar and a very short hop is another development - Katara or Cultural Village. No alcohol is sold there but their restaurant businesses are booming. Go figure? People need to look at the business models of the restaurants that are closing down on Pearl Qatar and need to stop just blaming the ban. Those restaurants that are closing down have been overpriced for what they are from the start. Other restaurants that continue to do fine, are more reasonably priced and offer good meals and good service. Restaurants on Pearl need to work on that.

A Dude in Doha 6 years ago

The Dude that Used to Live There: Well spoken. Totally agree.

Garry 6 years ago

They should grant restaurants who wish to sell alcohol a permit which allows them to do so and charge a fee of say 40% of revenue as an alcohol tax.

Another Dude from Doha 6 years ago

I Agree with The Dude that Used to Live There.

john 6 years ago


The Avenger 6 years ago

The restaurants on The Pearl based their business plans around an alcohol based pricing structure.
When you change your mind overnight people who invest a lot of money into your country get upset and ultimatlkey lose money .
Gordon Ramsay and The Mango Tree and Megu and Tse Yang are not going to make any money on The Peal now , these restaurants are set up for high end expats . Places in Katara are not based on that business plan and are looking for footfall through a different community and customer base .
People spout off about it's an alcohol thing it's not it's a business thing.
If Qatar wants to be a business / sports / high end conference destination then it needs to behave professionaly and with decent business acumen , if not than tell everybody what the rules are and we'll go from there .
It's time to step up to the plate and deliver Qatar , are you in or are you out ?

aks 6 years ago

Strip World cup from Qatar.