Healthy alternatives to your daily coffee fix

We present the options available for health-conscious beverage lovers
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Decaffeinated coffee: Beware the decaf label. Decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine free, but the smaller amounts of caffeine can serve as a first step to cutting out coffee if the cold-turkey method seems too extreme.
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Teeccino: Herbal coffee is naturally caffeine-free, non-acidic, and tastes just like coffee. It also comes in an array of rich flavours such as hazelnut, French vanilla, caramel nut, and chocolate raspberry.
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Yerba Mate: It’s rich in antioxidants and increases physical endurance. Yerba Mate has all the benefits of coffee while avoiding the downsides. It helps digestion and causes you to burn carbohydrates more effectively, which in turn reduces the storage fat by the body. It is also a well-known appetite suppressant that results in making you feel full for extended periods of time.
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Home-made hot cocoa: Raw cacao is actually very healthy for you. Mix it with vanilla extract and a pinch of table salt to create your own hot-cocoa mix. For an interesting twist you can add cinnamon and spice and stir in coconut milk for the healthiest option.
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Chai: The ready-made versions of this beverage are usually saturated with intense sugar levels. There are 41 grams of sugar in a Tall Starbucks Chai Latte for example. That ‘s nearly five times the amount in a can of cola. But you can make your own easily and use almond milk to infuse a naturally sweet flavor.
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Green Tea: Some people love the taste of this ancient remedy. Unfortunately, I am not one of them, but I drink it for the countless benefits it has. Lowered levels of cholesterol, tooth decay, depression and blood pressure and a heightened metabolism are just a few. Squeeze a slice of lemon and a small amount of raw honey and it feels like your body is in total rejuvenation.
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Dandy Blend: A herbal coffee substitute with many health benefits. It tastes like a full-bodied cup of coffee but has no trace of caffeine and acids.
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Oolong tea is partially fermented and helps to speed up the metabolism by about 4 percent. It contains traces of caffeine similar to those in decaffeinated coffee but minus the bugs!
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English breakfast tea can’t be beaten. This fully fermented black tea is full bodied and easily attainable as a superior coffee substitute.
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