PHOTOS: 24-carat gold halal sparkling wine launch

Lussory launches 24-carat gold halal sparkling wine at Bystro in Dubai
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Lootah Premium Foods has launched a range of alcohol-removed halal sparkling wine, Lussory Gold, with 24-carat edible gold leaf. The launch event took place at Bystro Dubai.
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Lussory is a perfect base for Sangria, Bellinis, and many other mocktails. Bystro will feature the mocktails on its menu, as well as a range of the wines available to buy by the bottle.
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Katherine Grace Tomaro, Omar Darsouni and Hannah Colley
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Nour Saoub, Tom Watterson, Drishti Mulani
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Sofia Valenti
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Josh Benson, Lamis Harib and Tony Colley
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Tony Colley, GM of Lootah Premium Foods, said: "We are excited about bringing the Lussory Gold brand to Dubai, as we have experienced great demand for first-class halal champagne from our consumers and clients, wishing to offer a premier experience at weddings, birthdays or corporate event. Lussory’s range of wines have proven to be very popular in the UAE and across the wider region, as they offer a delicious premium experience just like the real thing, but are totally free from alcohol.@
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Made in the exact same way as regular wine or champagne, Lussory is a 100% halal product with 0.0% alcohol content. Lussory is a line of high-end Spanish wines created by a family of winemakers established for over 200 years in the vineyards of La Mancha, Spain.
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