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Sun 9 Oct 2011 08:10 AM

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Revealed: the Gulf's 10 best employers

From better salaries to training opportunities, these are the GCC companies you want to work for

Revealed: the Gulf's 10 best employers
Revealed: the Gulf's 10 best employers
Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum, Emirates Chairman
Revealed: the Gulf's 10 best employers
Revealed: the Gulf's 10 best employers

So you want to work for a great company? Where you start? Well, maybe we can help you. Over the past few months, our team of researchers has been looking into a variety of companies across various sectors of business, to try and ascertain who the best employers in the GCC are.

We have looked at a number of different issues: salary, benefits, chances of promotion, working conditions, perks — and also the quality of the people you will be working for. And the result, is our guide to who we believe are the ten best employers in the region.  However, that doesn’t mean getting a job there is a piece of cake.

If anything, the hiring process in these firms is far more stringent than any other, and in some cases can even take several months. But from learning from some of the top business leaders in the region, to enjoying extensive health and travel benefits, or even a fully equipped office gym, these are in our view some of the best places to build your career.  The list is a spread from the ‘mega employers’ to those who only operate with a handful of workers.

Emirates Airline already has 60,000 staff and is currently looking to hire another 4,000. Another 'mega group' is GE Middle East, with 4,100 staff (including Africa), while Emaar employs 6,000 staff across its global operations. Our list also includes one media company, Omnicom Media Group MENA, and just one bank, Standard Chartered. MH Alshaya Co is the only retailer to make the grade.

To view the best employers in the GCC, click here

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DesertMole 8 years ago

Where is Al Futtaim? What criteria were they assesed on?

Anonymous 8 years ago

I would like to know if Emirates offers Maternity Leave for its female cabin crew members? Four years ago they did NOT which is why my wife left the company.

International companies tend to offer standard benefits to all nationalities and not preferential treatment for "locals" unlike some of the government affiliated companies listed in the top 10.

Kelly 8 years ago

Where are the SME's in this survey. The business world is 70% made of small and medium sized companies. This outfit didn't call me or any other SME I know of so would accept this information with a big dolop of salt.

A Know All 8 years ago

I think you inadvertently missed PepsiCo?! I can vouch from experience that you won't find a better employer in GCC than PepsiCo!! This is probably the only Company that truly empowers its employees, nurtures diversity & inclusion and helps employees by building careers ...

Sam 8 years ago

as someone who knows who knows very closely about the working practices and policies of emirates - and can very positively say emirates cant make it to the list of great employers.

F 8 years ago

Not quite sure you were able to check on Agility. Agility is by far the BEST employer in the Middle East. Ofcourse, it is not behind the race in America or the Far East even Africa or Europe, but having worked for Agility for over 6 years I can vouch that it is a truly international, professional, employee oriented world class employer when compared to many others in the region.

Amir 8 years ago

I agree with Kelly. Some of the best employers in the region are SMEs. Unfortunately the employees of our companies do not get the chance to speak out and tell everyone how satisfied they are with their current jobs and the extend of pay as well as fringe benefits and working conditions they are enjoying while working for SMEs. Far more superior than the packages conglomerates and large firms offer to their staff.

bedouin 8 years ago

agree 100%. preferential treatment in this region is the order of the day.

Jad Aoun 8 years ago

I have friends who work and have worked at Agility and they will very much disagree with your comment. Such surveys are meaningless - there are many smaller companies that do more for their employees than these giants.

Andy 8 years ago

My wife works for Emirates. She recently handed in her notice after 5 years of loyal service to this airline and was told by her manager that she was too busy (never replies to emails) to conduct a leaving interview- no thank you, no why are you leaving, policy not to give references and add insult to injury after 5 years her leaving gratuity is less a months wage.