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Sun 31 Mar 2013 10:09 AM

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Saudi sentenced to paralysis after paralysing friend

Ali Al-Khawahir told to pay SAR1m ($267,000) after stabbing incident

Saudi sentenced to paralysis after paralysing friend

A Saudi man who caused the paralysis of his
friend has been sentenced to be paralysed himself, the Saudi Gazette reported.

Ali Al-Khawahir stabbed his friend 10 years
ago paralysing him and will himself be paralysed if he fails come up with SAR1m
as compensation, the newspaper reported.

The original amount sought was SAR2m from
Al-Khawahir who has been in jail since the age of 14 when he stabbed his

Anon 6 years ago

Wicked and sick

Anonymous 6 years ago

Simply put, this is 'inhumanity'.
It will only fuel further hatred amongst people.
I cannot see how any legal body would permit such a 'sentence'. 6 years ago

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - M.K.Gandhi

RBH 6 years ago

If we apply the same wrongdoing towards those who committed it, that makes us just as wrongdoers as they were.

An eye for an eye is actually an act of revenge, and this is the case here in this story. Did you know that vengence is forbidden in Islam? Yet, Saudi Arabia is a country 'built' on the 'fundamentals' of Islam!

Also, one of the points that I find contradicting in Islam is where we would find it teaching peace, forgiveness and tolerance, but when it comes to punishing, it would allow harsh punishments that contradict the concept of peace.

I am not saying that the wrongdoer goes without punishment, but we should punish humanely. A life in prison is enough, where the wrongdoer should be put in some sort of a rehab process to turn him/her into a useful him human being, but still he/she shouldn't leave the prison bars for maintaining overall population welfare and security.

Leave the judging to God. Just learn from John Paul II who hugged the Turkish man who tried to kill him.

HCH 6 years ago

I feel so terrible for the poor man who was paralyzed by his friend. Instead of paralyzing the man who attacked his friend with a knife, would the court consider letting the imprisoned man learn a trade in prison, and work, with part of the money going to his paralyzed friend? It's a tragedy that a moment of anger and terrible judgment ruined two lives. Letting the attacker work to help support the friend he wounded so horribly would be better for society, and healthier for both men. I pray the court would consider this option.

RBH 6 years ago

HCH, I agree with you totally. This would have been a more humane and just sentence.

harry 6 years ago

I believe the perpetrator of the attack should just be locked up forever. The government should then confiscate all of the perpetrator's property and put it in the victim's name.

pastol 6 years ago