Arab Youth Survey 2018

Young Arabs believe religion is key to their identity

07 Nov 2018
Newly released findings from the 2018 ASDA'A BCW Arab Youth Survey are revealed at event in Germany

Arabian Business Podcast: The unstoppable rise of social media in the MENA region

23 May 2018
The 2018 ASDAA Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey reveals a generation more connected than ever

A role reversal for two global powers US and Russia in the eyes of Arab youth?

17 May 2018
Russia unseats the US in the polls, but the jury is still out on its lasting influence

For better and for worse, the dissemination and consumption of Arab media is fragmented as never before

16 May 2018
Democratisation of information has transformed our media landscape, writes Khalid Al Maeena, managing partner of Quartz Communication Company

History tells us the danger posed by ISIL has not yet passed

15 May 2018
While the extremist group might have lost the main territorial battles, the ideological ones are far from over, writes Hassan Hassan, senior fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington DC

Levant: A blighted region that offers little hope, say Arab youth

15 May 2018
With civil wars, occupation, political instability and economic stagnation, it's little surprise the youth of the Levant are pessimistic about the future, writes Osama Al Sharif, Jordanian journalist and political commentator

Opinion: Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince steps up to his young country's desire for reform

10 May 2018
Arab youth across the region are energised and encouraged by Mohammed Bin Salman's promise of social reform

Opinion: Ten years on, how different is the Middle East?

10 May 2018
The Arab Youth Survey continues to provide an unrivalled window into the thoughts of the region's young people

Opinion: The Arab Youth Survey at 10

10 May 2018
The landmark study that has helped bear witness to Middle Eastern history