Dubai launches Middle East’s most expensive chocolate

Debauve & Gallais box is sixth most expensive in the world.
Debauve & Gallais’s Dubai launch comes as latest projections show a huge surge in demand for premium chocolates.

Debauve & Gallais’s Dubai launch comes as latest projections show a huge surge in demand for premium chocolates.

Dubai has launched the Middle East’s most expensive box of chocolates, priced at $105 per pound.

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The boxes are being sold at Debauve & Gallais’s first Middle East shop, which was opened in DIFC earlier this month. The box is thought to contain a mixture of dark and different milk chocolates, including Truffles and Marie Antoinette's famous pistoles.

According to data by Forbes, the Dubai box is also the world’s most expensive chocolate. Topping the Forbes list is Chocopologie by Knipschildt, selling at $2,600 per pound, followed by the Noka Vintages Collection which sells for $854 per pound.

The Debauve & Gallais selection would come into the list just behind the Richart and Godiva “G” Collection, both placed jointly at fourth.

The company’s Dubai launch comes as latest projections show a huge surge in demand for premium chocolates. 

According to figures by Packaged Facts, the premium chocolate market has risen by 20 percent each year for the past decade, with annual sales rising from $1.2bn in 2005 to $1.7bn by 2009. Sales of dark chocolates have risen by 11.2 percent in the past four years alone.

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Posted by: Khuloud

Thank you for the response Bugle

Posted by: Doug

Look at this another way.

In Dubai, it gets so hot that this chocolate would melt very, very quickly.

Even so, it'd still be a more sensible investment than buying property here.....

Posted by: Andy

Lol That was good. Not sure what melts quicker in Dubai,stocks,property prices or chocolate. I would love to try some of that chocolate though. Looks delicious.

Posted by: tony

I like Bateel chocolates. It is much cheaper than the ones listed here even though the taste is amazing. Made in UAE from the finest South American cocoa. DELICIOUS

Posted by: Mick

Abulaziz' comment = LIKE ^

Posted by: Red Snappa

Clash of civilisations, the abuse of superlatives, dictating how you spend your money, none of that overturns the original point. As you idly flick multiples of 105 bucks from your plump roll of AED, while the choclatier assiduously fills the box, spare a thought for thousands of starving children really quite close to where you stand geographically, and take a long hard look at yourself.

Posted by: Red Snappa

Dear Bugle,

My last call and then my case rests. I fear that we have moved far beyond the bounds of chocolate extravagance versus charity for the starving. We seem to have somehow veered into inverted racism, as most of the populations desperately in need of help are in East Africa, you can hardly accuse me of that.

I also would make exactly the same comment about a store in London, Paris or Zurich that sold the most expensive chocolate in Europe, at 105 pounds, euros, swiss francs etc. Sadly that price is about the 5th most expensive in Europe. In fact some years ago, I levied the same complaint at 7 Canary Wharf brokers who spent 60,000 pounds on wine with lunch in London. Thus in no way can my comments be construed otherwise, although they were British and I'm Irish.

Posted by: Bugle

Dear Red Snappa,

Thank you for your opinion. Quite frankly I don't know anything about the Live Aid event and I am not really interested. I myself don't need any of the things you mentioned however I also don't see the need of making fun of everything that comes out of the middle east/ arab world/UAE which seems to be a common theme in these forums. In it's worst form it is nothing but racism; an offence which is compunded by the attempt to disguise it as a voice for the underpriveliged.

Posted by: Red Snappa

Dear Bugle,

Absolutely you are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine and by the way I think that most of the comments you make were used up when lambasting the Live Aid event. If you feel you need an expensive car, big house, to overeat and max out on expensive chocolate, that is your right, I am merely asking you to spare a slice of the extravagance for someone more needy.

Posted by: Bugle

Red Snappa quite the philanthropist. Really the rest of us are not worthy to be commenting on the same forum as you. You certainly are holier than the rest of us. There is unequal distribution of resources all over the world. By your logic no one should drive expensive cars, live in big houses or even eat more than they need to survive. All that is a waste. We should all live extremly frugally only consuming the bare miniumum and give the rest to the poor. maybe you should also have a long hard think before making comments.

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