GCC eyes medical test to detect homosexuality – official

Kuwaiti official said the measure would be to prevent gay tourists and expats from entering the region

Gulf countries could seek to bar entry to all homosexual tourists and expats, a senior Kuwaiti government official claimed, adding that medical tests could be introduced to detect these individuals.

Speaking to an Arabic language newspaper, the director of public health at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health Yousuf Mindkar said that a central committee will be set up to investigate the proposal when it convenes next month.

He claimed that the measure could also be introduced in all GCC states.

“Health centres conduct the routine medical check to assess the health of the expatriates when they come into the GCC countries,” he was quoted as saying by Al Rai. “However, we will take stricter measures that will help us detect gays who will be then barred from entering Kuwait or any of the GCC member states.”

Homosexual behaviour is currently illegal in all GCC states and much of the Arab world.

Last month, the government of Oman sued the editor of a weekly tabloid and suspended it from publication after it ran a story about gays in the Gulf Arab state.

The Week's publisher Saleh Zakwani said the Ministry of Information had told him not to publish the September 5 issue, but it was not clear how long the suspension was for.

"No harm was intended by the story," he told Reuters.

The article in The Week, which distributes 51,000 copies in the Gulf sultanate, suggested that Oman was more tolerant about people's sexuality than other Gulf states.

The article was denounced across online social networks in Oman and the newspaper was forced to apologise.

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Posted by: Faisal

Can we have more Police Patrol on public areas because it was very disappointing and loathsome to see two men in a compromising position smooching on New Year's eve on Jumeirah beach. When I confronted them they profusely apologized and said they were not aware that Homosexuality is a serious criminal offence in the UAE since they were UAE residents for a few months. Not only the tourists, the residents must also be educated about what is forbidden and prohibited by Law so that nobody ever assumes Dubai is the Garden of the Depraved Adam.

Posted by: Hashem

Dr Rashed &WHJ, sadly your counsel has fallen on deaf ears because despite the facts and evidences and data, some people will always shy away from the glorious sunlight just like the chiropterans. Some are more comfortable in their comfort zone of ignorance but please do not despair, because the iron fist of the law is omnipresent to guide wayward people from going further astray.

Posted by: Steve

Hashem, LOL. Glorious sunlight, Iron fist. Fabulous sound bites dear. My personal fav was 'zone of ignorance'. I can imagine you writing your comment in your brightly coloured palace of irony on your extravagant sparkly keyboard of piety!

Posted by: Rashed Habib Bin Haider

As a local doctor in Communicable Diseases, it is my duty to assess behaviors for their impact on health and well being. When something is beneficial such as exercise, good nutrition, or adequate sleep, it is my duty to recommend it. Likewise, when something is harmful such as smoking, overeating, alcohol, drug abuse, and homosexual sex, it is my duty to discourage it. Besides the deadly HIV and other debilitating sexually transmitted diseases, the very contagious HPV which is the virus that causes anal and oral cancer is predominant among homosexual males because it is easier to spread HPV from a male to a male rather than from a male to a female for obvious reasons. The human anatomy and physiology are evident that the body was not designed for homosexuality.

Posted by: Stephane

How dare you pretend you are a doctor??????? If you are then your licence should be removed. You are a total ignorant!

Hearing that sort of nonsence from religious people from the dark ages is just bad enough but from a Doctor!?!?

Posted by: WHJ

@telco@Doug. Nothing is more ominous than when the words of a learned man of science get twisted and challenged by ignorant and misguided comments.

Posted by: Doug

If you're a doctor, I'd have thought you would at least know what you're talking about. Stats show that 80% of all sexually active Americans, for example, will contract HPV at some point during their lives. If we safely assume that nowhere near 80% of Americans are homosexual, then the obvious conclusion is that homosexual sex has very little additional risk to heterosexual sex. Perhaps you should maybe redo your training before being allowed to treat patients?

Posted by: Simon Connolly

@ Mansoor, Well as long as they do not proclaim and promote and impose their homosexuality on the public, and they respect the laws related to homosexuality & debauchery, I think they will not fall into serious trouble......

Posted by: Mansoor

I do not agree with Kuwait a bit. Judging people based on their sexual preference is insane. There are homosexual men around us for years. Many of our artists, architects, doctors, writers, TV presenters...and the list go on that are homosexuals. Live and let live.

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