REVEALED: The UAE's 50 biggest companies

Arabian Business counts down the Gulf state's largest companies by market capitalisation
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50. Dubai Refreshments Company \nIndustry: Consumer Staples \nMarket cap: AED1.1bn \nDubai Refreshments is engaged in bottling and selling Pepsi Cola International products in Dubai, Sharjah and the other Northern Emirates. The company also owns 7UP and Aquafina bottling and selling rights for the whole of the UAE.
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49. National Corp. For Tourism & Hotels - NCTH \nIndustry: Services \nMarket cap: AED1.13bn \nThe company is engaged in promoting Abu Dhabi as an ideal international tourist destination.
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48. National General Insurance Company \nIndustry: Insurance \nMarket cap: AED1.39bn \nNational General Insurance provides life insurance as well as health insurance.
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47. Tamweel \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED1.14bn \nTamweel is engaged in Islamic Sharia-compliant property financing and investment activities.
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46. Abu Dhabi Aviation Co. - ADAVIATION \nIndustry: Services \nMarket cap: AED1.16bn \nThe company was primarily formed to own and operate helicopters and fixed-winged airplanes and perform other related activities. In 1999 the name of the company was changed from Abu-Dhabi Aviation limited to Abu-Dhabi Aviation.
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45. Sudan Telecommunication Co. - SUDATEL \nIndustry: Telecoms \nMarket cap: AED1.18bn \nEngaged in installation, maintenance, and operation of telecommunication infrastructure.
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44. International Fish Farming Co. - ASMAK \nIndustry: Consumer \nMarket cap: AED1.19bn \nThe Company is engaged in establishing, developing and operating fish farms; producing, processing, trading in fish and fish products and other aquaculture resources as well as owning shares in projects and services related to fish farming.
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43. Arkan Building Materials Co.\nIndustry: Industrial \nMarket cap: AED1.19bn \nThe company is primarily engaged in owning and developing companies and businesses involved in the construction related sector in the UAE in addition to working in other trading activities.
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42. Emirates FoodStuff & Mineral Water Co. - AGTHIA \nIndustry: Consumer \nMarket cap: AED1.308bn \nThe company is engaged in agriculture-business producing flour, animal feed as well as mineral water products.
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41. Union Properties \nIndustry: Real Estate & Construction \nMarket cap: AED1.329bn \nUnion Property Limited was initially formed to manage the properties of Emirates Bank International. In 1993, the Company became public and expanded its business, by offering a comprehensive and integrated range of services such as property management, interior design, property valuation as well as other consultancy related services.
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40. Ajman Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED1.42bn \nAjman Bank (AJMANBANK) aims to operate as a full-fledged Islamic bank supporting the on-going social and economic developments in Ajman by providing Shariah-compliant products and services including murabaha, mudarabah, istisna'a, musharaka, and ijara and other innovative Islamic products and services catering to the needs of the local market.
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39. Amlak Finance \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED1.53bn \nAmlak Finance is primarily engaged in providing medium to long term finance for the acquisition, lease, and development of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Dubai. Amlak activities are conducted in accordance with Islamic Sharia offering various financing schemes such as Ijara, Murabaha, Mudaraba and Musharaka.
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38. Drake & Scull International \nIndustry: Real Estate & Construction \nMarket cap: AED1.53bn \nDrake & Scull International is engaged in providing Integrated services in the field of electrical, mechanical, health, civil, infrastructure, water, and power engineering in addition to civil contracting services.
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37. Commercial Bank International \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED1.77bn \nTo provide commercial banking services.
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36. Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co. - ADNH \nIndustry: Services \nMarket cap: AED1.78bn \nThe company owns three hotels originally purchased from the Government. It also offers industrial catering services as well as transportation tourism, duty-free and travel catering in addition to management of four, 5-star hotels.
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35. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co. - ADNIC \nIndustry: Insurance \nMarket cap: AED2.025bn \nThe company is engaged in all classes of insurance and reinsurance.
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34. Deyaar Development Company \nIndustry: Real Estate & Construction \nMarket cap: AED2.033bn \nDeyaar is engaged in providing property development, management, leasing, financing and brokerage services for residential and commercial properties.
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33. Invest Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED2.125bn \nThe bank is engaged in providing commercial and retail banking services.
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32. Sharjah Islamic Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED2.231bn \nTo provide general banking services in accordance to Islamic Sharia.
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31. National Marine Dredging Co. - NMDC \nIndustry: Services \nMarket cap: AED2.278bn \nIts main line of business includes the execution of Dredging projects and the operations of improving land-fields related to it, in the regional water of the U.A.E as per contract agreement with the government of Abu-Dhabi.
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30. Gulf Pharmaceutical Industry: Industries - JULPHAR \nIndustry: Industrial \nMarket cap: AED2.369bn \nThe company is engaged in manufacturing medicine, antibiotics, medical syringes, and is regarded as the first in the gulf region. Julphar also markets its products internationally and owns factories in Equador and Germany, as well as marketing offices in the Middle East, USA, and Europe.
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29. Emirates Islamic Bank\nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED2.68bn \nThe bank is engaged in providing banking services including financing and investment activities in accordance to Islamic Sharee'a.
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28. Bank of Sharjah \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED2.7bn \nTo provide general banking services.
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27. National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED2.96bn \nTo provide commercial banking services.
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26. Dana Gas Co. \nIndustry: Energy \nMarket cap: AED2.97bn \nDana Gas Co. is the first regional private sector natural gas resource enterprise to be established in the Gulf region with assets in and contractual entitlements to the largest private sector integrated natural gas supply chain in the UAE. Dana Gas intends to undertake major expansion by pursuing natural gas opportunities throughout the Gulf as well as the wider MENA region.
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25. Aramex \nIndustry: Transport \nMarket cap: AED3bn \nAramex is engaged in establishing, investing, and managing commercial & industrial projects, including cargo, storage and logistical services, in addition to owning companies working in the field of transporting freight and documents via land, sea and air.
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24. Dubai Investment Company \nIndustry: Investment and Financial Services \nMarket cap: AED3.04bn \nDubai Investment Company's main objective is to invest in other commercial companies and projects as defined in its Articles of Association.
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23. United Arab Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED3.07bn \nTo provide general banking services.
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22. Oman Insurance Company \nIndustry: Insurance \nMarket cap: AED3.117bn \nOman Insurance Company is engaged in providing general insurance and life insurance, as well as investing its surplus funds in equities and real estate.
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21. Sorouh Real Estate Co \nIndustry: Real Estate \nMarket cap: AED3.49bn \nThe company is engaged in establishing, developing, owning, managing, investing, leasing, and renovating real estates and buildings; commercial, medical, learning, and residential centers. It also owns hotels, tourist, amusement, and sports resorts, playgrounds, and industrial structures in addition to owning, leasing, and registering patents and copyrights.
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20. Arabtec Holding \nIndustry: Real Estate & Construction \nMarket cap: AED3.516bn \nArabtec is engaged in investing in construction and contracting sectors through establishing, managing, acquiring and owning shares in other contracting companies in the UAE.
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19. Air Arabia \nIndustry: Transport \nMarket cap: AED3.896bn \nAir Arabia is the first low-fares airline in the Middle East and North Africa region, with a vision to be one of the world's leading budget airlines in terms of profit margin, innovation, reputation and operational excellence.
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18. Al Dar Properties Co. - ALDAR \nIndustry: Real Estate \nMarket cap: AED5.433bn \nAl Dar Properties Co. (ALDAR) is engaged in real estate development, management, and investment.
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17. National Bank of Fujairah \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED5.753bn \nProviding commercial banking services.
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16. Commercial Bank of Dubai \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED5.823bn \nCommercial Bank of Dubai provides commercial banking services.
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15. National Bank Of Ras Al Khaimah - RAKBANK \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED6.247bn \nThe bank is engaged in providing commercial banking services.
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14. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED7.448bn \nTo provide commercial banking services in compliance with Islamic Sharee'a.
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13. Union National Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED7.586bn \nTo provide commercial banking services.
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12. Dubai Islamic Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED7.634bn \nDIB is a provider of retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, consumer banking, investment banking, contracting finance and real estate finance.
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11. Dubai Financial Company \nIndustry: Investment and Financial Services \nMarket cap: AED8.104bn \nDubai Financial Market is engaged in listing and trading of public joint stock company's shares in addition to bonds, Islamic sukuk, and mutual funds.
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10. Abu Dhabi National Energy Co. \nIndustry: Energy \nMarket cap: AED8.403bn \nThe company is engaged in generating, transporting, and distributing electricity, water, gas, petroleum and minerals in addition to owning shares, establishing and financing companies and projects related to the company's activities.
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9. Mashreq Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED9.299bnAED \nMashreq Bank is considered the largest private bank and one of the oldest commercial banks in the UAE.
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8. Emirates NBD \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED15.839bn \nEmirates NBD was incorporated in order to effect a merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and National Bank of Dubai (NBD)
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7. Du \nIndustry: Telecoms \nMarket cap: AED15.954bn \nEmirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (DU) is the new telecommunication services provider in the United Arab Emirates. DU is an integrated service provider offering voice, data, video and content services over fixed and mobile networks to residential and business customers. DU has three broad target segments. Consumers' segment focuses on individuals and households by offering mobile and fixed voice calling, Internet, data services and television. Businesses' segment focuses on small to very large corporations and government agencies by offering integrated fixed and mobile business solutions including voice, data, content and applications as well as professional services. Carriers' segment focuses on providing carrier, international data networks and wholesale services to international operators, multinational corporations and telecom carriers. DU is listed on Dubai Financial Market.\n
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6. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED17.5bn \nAbu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is a public joint stock company with limited liability incorporated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. ADCB changed its name from Khalij Commercial Bank to Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank after merging with Emirates Commercial Bank and Federal Commercial Bank in 1985. ADCB carries on retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking, merchant banking, brokerage and asset management activities through its network of forty two branches in the United Arab Emirates and two branches in India.
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5. Emaar Properties \nIndustry: Real Estate & Construction \nMarket cap: AED22.8bn \nEmaar Properties Co. (EMAAR) is primarily engaged in real estate development, acquisition and management of commercial and residential properties.
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4. First Gulf Bank \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED35.55bn \nTo provide commercial banking services.
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3. DP World \nIndustry: Transport \nMarket cap: AED35.6bn \nDP World is a marine terminal operator. The Company provides international marine terminal operations, logistics, infrastructure development, and consultancy services.
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2. National Bank of Abu Dhabi \nIndustry: Banks \nMarket cap: AED39.9bn \nThe National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) was incorporated in 1968 to serve as banker to the United Arab Emirates government and the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also fulfilled the role of the Central Bank till the formation of the currency board in 1975. NBAD is organized into three client-focused businesses. These are the UAE Domestic bank, the International business, and a UAE based Investment bank. NBAD's retail customer base is segmented into Retail, Elite and Private banking customers. The International Banking Division manages NBAD's Overseas Branch Network, Abu Dhabi International Group and Financial Institutions Group, and oversees 23 overseas units stretching from Oman and Bahrain in the GCC, Cairo and Khartoum in Africa, London and Paris in Europe to Washington D.C. in the U.S.A. Abu Dhabi Financial Services LLC is NBAD's wholly owned subsidiary which provides brokerage services in local and foreign equities, in addition to commodities trading and managing initial public offerings, and is currently the largest share brokerage in the UAE.
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1. Etisalat \nIndustry: Telecoms \nMarket cap: AED71.78bn \nEmirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) is a United Arab Emirates-based company engaged, together with its subsidiaries, in providing telecommunication services, media and equipment, as well as related contracting and consultancy services to international companies and consortia. Etisalat is supported by business divisions, namely eCompany, Ebtikar, Emirates Data Clearing House, Emirates Internet Exchange, Etisalat Academy, Etisalat University College, The Contact Center, UAE Lab and UAE Network Information Center. Etisalat's core products and services feature voice communication, wireless communication and data communication provided jointly with its subsidiaries, e-vision and e-marine. Emirates Telecommunications Corp. has also stakes in Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company, Zanzibar Telecom Limited and Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily).