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Wed 28 Aug 2013 02:45 PM

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Dubai, Kuwait among most improved places to live

Syrian capital of Damascus was deemed the worst city in the livability rankings

Dubai, Kuwait among most improved places to live

Dubai and Kuwait City have been ranked in the top 10 biggest improving cities in a global livability survey released on Wednesday.

The Economist Intelligence Unit said Dubai’s ranking at number 77 had improved 2.9 percent in the past five years.

Kuwait City, which came in at 81, was also amongst the top 10 most improved, with a 2.5 percent jump.

The survey ranks five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Cities which dropped down the rankings with negative livability changes were linked to the Arab Spring, European austerity and Chinese discontent.

The conflict in Syria saw Damascus drop to bottom of the list at 140.

Tripoli, in Libya, was ranked 133 and the Iranian capital Tehran was positioned at number 131.

Over five years, Muscat in Oman dropped 3.7 percent to 88th, while Tunis in Tunisia fell to 104th.

Melbourne, in Australia, was ranked the world’s most livable city for the third year in a row.

Australian and New Zealand cities landed five of the top 10 spots. Canadian cities made up another three of the top 10 positions.

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Sarah 6 years ago

Dubai is a wonderful city to live in, however, with the increase in fees that are nothing but taxiation fees and the high cost of living, I fear alot of the residents of Dubai have no business living there and can ill afford this luxurious city. My point can be validated by the amount of people begging for help in local newspapers to pay their medical bills. Kuwait City would be a much cheaper option for residents that can not afford a Dubai lifestyle.

Abdullah 6 years ago

I dare anyone to visit downtown Kuwait City? It is nothing but a guetto and shameful display of a mismanaged city by a government that seems to prefer to invest abroad then their own backyard.

RAH 6 years ago

Go live in Cairo or Damascus or even Beirut then and enjoy the rioting, bombings, the shootings and lets see you complain about the ghettos there compared to Kuwait City.

Yes, Kuwait City is hardly a model but the report does not list Kuwait as number 1. It is still listed at 81 from 140.

Read the article carefully before writing rubbish.

John Broccoli 6 years ago

Yes, Kuwait definitely improves. Backwards.

Abdullah 6 years ago

@RAH Cairo, Damascus and Beirut are not oil-rich nations and rubbish is the key word when describing Kuwait City, it is everywhere. City planning gets low marks when struggling to drive through the city. A suggestion would be to formulate a historical commitee to renovate old building that seem to protray the charm that Kuwait City held decades ago. But again, I reiterate if your government cared, Dubai is an example of an ever developing city where a government cared.

jay 6 years ago

dont want expats deport you if you speed not enough traffic controls red tape everywhere nothing to do
improved not from where i live where valet parkers take control of ministry land on the gulf rd to preven residents parking
and in your own surveys the most unfriendlies of places what is this improvement based on

Paul 6 years ago

I wonder if these studies consult the labors and domestic helpers.
The GCC countries pay salaries to these professionals below the minimum amount required to survive in these countries with dignity.

mick 6 years ago

Independant listed, today, the top ten cities to live in, in the world. 4 in Australia and 3 in Canada. Perhaps a group in this region should hire consultants from either to draw blueprints.

Al Maghribi 6 years ago

Kuwait city was traditionally built as a haven for money launderers (Stock Brokers), smugglers (Import/Export) and get rich quick scam artists (Politicians). What should puzzle most readers are how close Kuwait city is placed with Dubai. Between places 77 and 81. This shows the discrepancy / inaccuracy of the survey.

Paul 6 years ago

In the GCC countries maids and labors are paid salaries and given working conditions which do not allow these professionals live a life with dignity.
In Europe a laborer makes 25 x more than a laborer in the GCC and often those European Countries are cheaper to live in such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc…
How on earth Dubai and Kuwait are in this list???