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Fri 11 Mar 2016 05:06 PM

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Dubai security chief issues warning over Trump election victory

Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim warns of 'clash of civilisations' if Donald Trump wins race to become the next US President

Dubai security chief issues warning over Trump election victory
Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Bin Tamim, head of general security for the Emirate of Dubai.

A Dubai security chief has become the latest high-profile official in the UAE to issue a warning over the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States.

Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the deputy chairman of police and general security in Dubai, took to Twitter to warn of a "clash of civilisations" if the Republican candidate wins the US election, Association Press reported on Friday.

Referencing political scientist Samuel P Huntington’s theory that future wars would be fought between cultures, Tamim warned that a Trump win could see him face ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“If Trump beats Hillary (Clinton), that means that the scenario of the clash of civilisations created by Samuel will come to light at the hands of the candidate and al-Baghdadi,” Tamim wrote.

On Thursday, Trump refused to back away from his recent statement that “Islam hates the West” during a Republican debate in Miami, which followed his comments in December when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

Those comments caused outrage in the Gulf region with leading businessmen lining up to criticise Trump.

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal blasted Trump on Twitter, calling him a "disgrace" and saying he should pull out of the race for the White House as he "will never win".

UAE tycoon Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor earlier ruled out any chance of working with Trump, saying he didn't trust him anymore.

Branding Trump "the biggest enemy of Islam" over his call to ban Muslims from entering the US, Al Habtoor said he was no longer supporting his bid for power.

One of the Middle East’s largest retailers, Landmark Group, also announced it was to stop selling Trump-branded products following the controversial Muslim ban comments.

Trump has for years looked to do business in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf and the emirate of Dubai. He has lent his name to two high-profile Dubai golf course projects and an ongoing real estate development.

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Tom 4 years ago

Trump likes the Gulf and Dubai. When he talks about issues between religions he is talking about the terrorist attacks inside of the United States itself by Muslim residents or naturalized citizens. The UAE is worried about the exact same thing. Trump sometimes notches up the rhetoric though, which is unfortunate.

I K 4 years ago

The big question is why is Trump's golf course project in Dubai still ongoing?????

Simon 4 years ago

There is way more to fear from Clinton being president than Trump. She lacks empathy and is a firm 'establishment oiligarch', a 'Neocon'. A belief system that believes you need War to create peace. War = Profit.

It is not the people of a nation who makes war(s), it is the govt of that nation and those in the shadows behind. Read a 5 chapter book Major General Smedley Butler 1935, 'War is a Racket'. What is written is as relevant then as it is now. Easily downloaded for free.

At the end of the day, no matter how independent thinking a candidate appears to be, once he is in the seat of office, his tune is written and played by others. You only have to look to Obama for evidence of that recent fact.

john grisham lewis 4 years ago

I think people are misreading into Trump. He is a genuine moderate , with interests of US citizens at heart. His rhetoric is just to get elected. Remember that in the UAE - No Visa-No Stay
He is reminding the people that politics is being controlled by Bankers and financiers. despite bringing down the world's economy with fraudulent schemes - not a single banker was jailed. To add insult to injury even after getting government bailouts - they dared to and took billions in bonuses while the system crumbled.
Moreover by shifting jobs to Mexico and China, they have shown that they have no social responsibility to the society that feeds and pays them.
that is why the system needs changing and Trump is the guy to do it.
Hillary is a joke, an establishment puppet.

Nisk 4 years ago

I hate Trump , but at least he says what he thinks openly and clearly. In a way he may be the best thing that will ever happen to the Middle East if he really puts his words into action and bombs the hell out of ISIS and neutralises Iran, which is causing lots of problems around the region.

Sheharyar 4 years ago

He is saying what others don't for political constructiveness. His rhetoric is to win the polls and once in power he will behave much better I think. However, his rise will embolden the far right which will have serious consequences for American society.

Lisa 4 years ago

why do they fear him for saying the Truth.. We seem the middle east saying they hate us. I know it is not everyone. But you can not deny it. So you want to ban him now for speaking the truth. ISIS wants us all dead. Trump will not want war. Only to resolve issues.

Doug 4 years ago

But what is Donald Trump's actual solution for dealing with ISIS?

I'm sure ISIS wants all Americans dead. But where Trump becomes concerning is he is generating a kind of mass hysteria where Americans see all Muslims as an extension of ISIS. Have not you read the reports of people at Trump rallies who 'look Muslim' have been threatened with shooting or murder?

It's one thing to mobilise a nation against a specific enemy organisation. It's quite another to create that kind of crowd madness that causes individuals to lose their basic humanity and be fuelled by hate. We've all see what happens when you create that kind of political climate in a country.

Roe 4 years ago

While I agree we need a good person - he is not it - he has set an example by filing Bankruptcy 3 or 4 times - leaving someone else to foot his bill - i.e. the small business man or woman who paid the bill for him. When he made his money back - did he go an pay the bills he ran up and then asked the court to relieve him of...? Seriously doubt it.

Why would you trust a man who using rhetoric to win - sounds just like any other politician to me. Rhetoric is dangerous especially when it feeds the worst behaviour in our society, which he seems to feed off of.