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Sun 19 Jan 2020 10:16 AM

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Video: The impact of rain in the UAE on construction

Heavy rains followed by strong winds continued to hinder day-to-day activities in the UAE, and construction stakeholders including developers and contractors witnessed minor disruptions in activities at construction sites.

While few of the companies told Construction Week that water-logging issues made them halt construction activities for nearly a day and a half, some others said that strong winds and heavy rain made tower cranes operations next to impossible.

However, most of the firms said that their teams were prepared for the situation and weathered the same by implementing planned moves.

Construction Week reveals how heavy rain in the UAE affected construction activities and what do developers and contractors have to say about that.

Executive director of engineering division at Azizi Developments, Mohamed Ragheb Hussein told Construction Week that tower cranes cannot be operated when winds are too strong, so the developer stopped using cranes on its site for some time.

Hussein said that the developer did not perform any outdoor activities, to ensure the safety and well-being of its construction site workers during heavy rain and strong winds.

However, a drain on the roof floor at the Azizi Development’s Plaza in Al Furjan incurred, “a minor blockage”, which Hussein said "was fixed in an hour of it happening".

Meanwhile, Wassim Hegazi, Project Manager at ASGC told Construction Week that on some sites, construction progress was halted by the firm for a day and a half due to water flooding. And also to ensure that the main power supply and high voltage cables at the sites were not affected by the rain.

Hegazi added that transportation of resources and material were slightly delayed due to the difficulty in driving during rain.

ASGC’s Hegazi also noted that some of the construction sites where infrastructure work has not been completed were partially flooded in rainwater.

Meanwhile, Dubai-based Samana Developers’ general manager, Alan James said that construction site activities at its developments were only impacted by the delay of around 300 construction workers in reaching the sites due to the road conditions.

James said that none of the construction sites where Samana is developing its projects were waterlogged.

Meanwhile, contracting heavyweight ALEC said that the company has a storm management plan in place with standby pumps and generators to assist in dewatering.

Saeed Al Abbar, managing director of AESG told Construction Week that the company’s qualified team of sustainability, environmental, and planning experts have been working with developers on urban planning design solutions to mitigate weather impacts.

Al Abbar stressed that the interdependent infrastructure systems will help cities become more agile and resilient to climate change.

Be it strong winds, heavy rain, or dust storms, developers and contractors in the UAE continue to show preparedness in withstanding such extreme weather conditions with pre-planned solutions.

(Source: Construction Week YouTube channel)