Dubai taxis third best in world, says study

Emirate's taxi services score highly for quality, if not friendliness, says TripAdvisor

This is a very interesting Topic and I thought that being a resident for the past 15 years plus i should add my thoughts to this issue which affects 95% of the residents who have to use taxis but could not afford it 98% of the time,
The good old days of getting taxis ( sharing) from satwa to Bur Dubai and being droped of at yr convenience along the route was
very very handy indeed.For 1 Dhs only.
I have not seen any other place where meter rates went up from
dhs 3.00 to dhs 10/- Pls note that this should be seen as constructive suggestion and not as a criticism .
A dhs 5/- opening cover charge would be in the interest of both the commuters and the Owners. I see 100's of taxis running empty most of the time while the would be taxi customers dont get in because they cannot afford to pay dhs 10/- minimum even for one person for a 1.5km journey.
A pannel of planners should look into this whole matter without prejudice and come to some conclusion.

Omar is back

I am a frequent visitor of those 3 cities, Dubai, Tokyo and Singapore and i can easily say that Dubai Taxis are better by all means!!!!Having said that, Dubai Taxi Drivers esp. the new ones who were brought for lower salaries are absolute reckless drivers!!!!However, i am very surprised how i dont see Taxis in Germany or Switzerland among the top 3!!!


Dubai cab fares are a rip off in Dubai. Fuel is cheap and their ab drivers are imported underpaid employees so why the high costs then? They also do not have competition as they are government owned. I would not rank them as the 3rd best in the world.


Exactly bro, the fuel rate(2014) is 1.8AED/liter = .50$ , and the drivers get only 20-35% of the total revenue every day ,thus they are definitely underpaid and as you said no competition at all. To make it worse, taxis are atleast 15-20 times costlier than metro for the same distance. so how can one rank it 3rd just based on cars looks and cleanliness.


I wonder how, a responsible & trust-worthy, is perusing these kinds of false & base-less surveys without any authentication, are they not mis-leading to its readers...?


Are there other options than RTA in Dubai?


These kinds of false claims can only lead to the people at RTA ignoring, and thus not working on, very well known issues.

Some of them are speeding, bad smell, rude taxi drivers, not knowing any single part of Dubai, the occasional attempt at a new year's eve rip-off of customers, being on the phone while driving, driving literally three meters behind other cars (on the highway!), cussing out other drivers while they are the ones who are wrong, not having change for even a 50 dhs bill and the list goes on and on.

You can try and complain with the RTA, but that will rarely do any good. Even the taxi drivers know this and laugh at you when you tell them you'll complain. The potential's there to improve things, but really, we're far from number 3 in the world!


manners matter , blinking lights to move other drivers from their road and showing arrogance while driving shows frustration . i have complained to RTA just today morning about their drivers . how can we talk about something which is not happening at grass root level . look at the population of UA E compared russia , china and even mumbai .how old is dubai let us compare facts against facts . research has to be accurate rather than skewed .


Dubai "Home to World's Largest Mall"?? Now that is debatable. Even Bangladesh has a larger one than Dubai


Yea right! lol

Skyline Pigeon

Lets not forget that Studies/ Surveys are like Taxi's if you wait long enough one will come along that gives you the answer you like or in the case of a Taxi knows where you are going.

Not to be taken seriously folks


very clever skyline pigeon!

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