REVEALED: 15 Dubai stocks to watch in 2013

Arabian Business looks at a selection of the emirates best performing stocks in 2013 so far
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Rank: 15\nStock: Dubai Islamic Bank\nCurrent share price (AED): 2.09\n\nThree-month change (%): 6.12\n\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 14\nStock: Aramex\nCurrent share price (AED): 2.16\n\nThree-month change (%): 6.4\n\nSector: Transport
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Rank: 13\nStock: Deyaar Development Company\nCurrent share price (AED): 0.347\nThree-month change (%): 7.36\n\nSector: Real estate
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Rank: 12\nStock: Drake & Scull International\nCurrent share price (AED): 0.76\n\nThree-month change (%): 7.39\n\nSector: Real estate
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Rank: 11\nStock: Dubai Investment Company\nCurrent share price (AED): 0.905\nThree-month change (%): 9.03\n\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 10\nStock: United Foods Company\nCurrent share price (AED): 6.44\n\nThree-month change (%): 15\n\nSector: Retail
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Rank: 9\nStock: Dubai Financial Market\nCurrent share price (AED): 1.14\n\nThree-month change (%): 15.73\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 8\nStock: Shuaa Capital\nCurrent share price (AED): 0.589\nThree-month change (%): 16.4\n\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 7\nStock: Dubai Refreshments\nCurrent share price (AED): 14.5\n\nThree-month change (%): 18.36\nSector: Retail
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Rank: 6\nStock: Ajman Bank\nCurrent share price (AED): 1.55\n\nThree-month change (%): 21.6\n\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 5\nStock: Air Arabia \nCurrent share price (AED): 0.917\nThree-month change (%): 21.94\nSector: Transport
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Rank: 4\nStock: Commercial Bank of Dubai\nCurrent share price (AED): 3.75\n\nThree-month change (%): 29.31\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 3\nStock: du\nCurrent share price (AED): 4.71\n\nThree-month change (%): 36.52\nSector: Telecommunications
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Rank: 2\nStock: Emirates NBD\nCurrent share price (AED): 3.89\n\nThree-month change (%): 39.08\nSector: Banking
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Rank: 1\nStock: Emaar Properties\nCurrent share price (AED): 5.43\n\nThree-month change (%): 48.78\nSector: Real estate\n\nAll share prices taken at close of trading 18 March 2013.