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Thu 21 May 2015 11:15 AM

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Dubai dental clinic offers Rolls-Royce service

The free service was inspired by the supercars adopted by Dubai Police

Dubai dental clinic offers Rolls-Royce service

From gold iPads in hotels to Versace-branded cups in ice-cream parlours, many Dubai firms have offered lavish extras in a bid to entice wealthy clients.

SameDay dental clinic in Dubai has stepped up to the mark and is now offering the ultimate in luxury for its customers: a Rolls-Royce chauffeur service.

The clinic, which specialises in dental implants, will handle the pickup and drop-off of the patient to and from the clinic.

Its founders, Dr. Costas and Dr. Petros, said Dubai Police was the inspiration behind their idea.

“I was in Greece and there was a magazine [that] said, ‘Look, in Dubai the police is having those kinds of cars as patrol cars; there was a Ferrari, there was a Veyron, a Bugatti.’ So we said, why not [do that]?” said Dr. Petros.

“I think we are in the right city to do that,” he added.

According to the doctors, they wanted to buy a car that would give them status and stand out among other cars. That’s why, one month ago, they bought the Rolls-Royce Ghost 2011 model.

“We bring around one to two patients a day. We don’t do consultation with the Rolls-Royce, because everybody would like to come in the Rolls-Royce,” said Dr. Petros.

The chauffeur service also caters to patients from Abu Dhabi.

As for the clinic itself, it’s the first to offer customers a complete teeth implant procedure in five to six hours.

Normally, placing implants can take up to six months to be done.

“A year ago, somebody came here at about 6 in the afternoon from Abu Dhabi. We said to him, you need to remove all your teeth, because they were moving, and place implants,” explained Dr. Petros.

“And he said, I wish I could do that right now. So I told him, be careful what you are wishing for, we can do that for you right now.”

Although the prices for the implants start at AED10,000 ($2,722), SameDay clinic offers its patients instalment payment plans.

The Rolls-Royce ride however, is free of charge.


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AYH 4 years ago

This is plain ridiculous. Healthcare is a noble profession committed to the well being of the patient. Antics like these continue to turn this industry into another commerical and purely profit driven mindset. Anyone falling for this kind of marketing should have their head examined too.

Mosa 4 years ago

And how much do they exactly charge for the dental services? and how do they exactly plan to recover the cost of a Rolls-Royce if it has been bought and not leased?

In my personal opinion, this is just ridiculous. Instead of attracting clients through such means, provide high quality healthcare which low prices - that will earn you more clients

Ali Soudi 4 years ago

I think it's a great idea - if they are doing UN-conditionally this service to their customers it should be praised. Well done to them for stepping outside the box and delivering something UNIQUE to the Dubai market.

This is what we need to differentiate the dentists here in Dubai