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Thu 18 Jul 2013 09:35 AM

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Dubai police arrest ‘shock video’ uploader

Man behind Youtube video faces a fine of up to AED20,000 or two years in jail

Dubai police arrest ‘shock video’ uploader

Dubai police has confirmed it has arrested the motorist who filmed an Emirati government official physically assaulting an Indian van driver and uploaded it to the Youtube video-sharing website.

On Tuesday, the unnamed Emirati featured in the video was arrested and has had his case referred to the Public Prosecution. His family also subsequently filed a case against the Indian motorist who uploaded the controversial video to Youtube and Dubai police have confirmed they have also made an arrest in this case and an investigation has begun.

“They [the official’s family] are accusing him of defamation and insult. No one has the right to record any person without his permission. This man should have presented the video to police to investigate, not put it on the internet,” General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, deputy director of Dubai Police, told 7DAYS newspaper.

“The official is in custody and faces a charge of minor assault. The videomaker continues to be questioned. He has not yet had any charges laid against him,” he added.

The family of the video uploader confirmed police officials had visited their house and removed computer equipment for examination.

Under UAE law, the Emirati who assaulted the Indian van driver faces up to a year in jail or a maximum of fine of up to AED10,000 for minor assault, while the Indian motorist who filmed and uploaded the video faces a maximum of two years in jail or a fine of up to AED20,000 if convicted of filming without permission or defamation.

The video has attracted over 192,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded on July 15.

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Mick 6 years ago

Saddening. Really, really saddening.

An Expat 6 years ago

This is Absurd. Person who exposed the crime gets stricter penalties than the person who actually committed the crime. Authorities should consider that motive was not to defame any one (as person recording the video never knew the persons involved in the assault)but to bring reality in front of everyone. If this person recording the video is punished, such crimes will never come into light in future.

JDI 6 years ago

I doubt if he had just emailed the police anything would have been done. Only because this case was brought public did the authorities act. The man should be commended for showing gross human rights violations, instead he was arrested from bringing the issue to light.

AHD 6 years ago

He probably should be applauded for bringing such a heinous act to notice. Its not like he meant to defame the subject. The subject did that all by himelf.

Fhd 6 years ago

What about defaming the van driver by beating him on the road publicly, comparing the penalty which up loader is getting this govt. official should get at least 10 year in jail and a USD 10M fine. Or is it like - the respect of govt. official is much higher than the respect of a poor van driver. Cheers to the policies.

Chris 6 years ago

In other parts of the world we call this a 'good samaritan'.

Sarah 6 years ago

The authorites were very fair in this case, however, the article neglects to say what charges were filed against the Indian driver who 'hit and run' from the accident. Is he getting black points? "He probably should be applauded for bringing such a heinous act to notice. Its not like he meant to defame the subject."

M.S. 6 years ago

There should be a provision in the law which should permit the use of such tools when one witnesses social crimes, abuse or criminal activities. It is strange the police will, on one hand use the video as an evidence and on the other hand, prosecute the maker for bringing an absolutely shocking and shameful act to the attention of people/ law enforcement authorities.

Disillusioned 6 years ago

Is this how "Dubai the City that Cares" works? Care about the wrongful official and punish the person who brought this injustice to light!

Colin Occupants 6 years ago

Is there any actual evidence that this happened though? Keeping in mind that the attacker is also claiming that the timid driver who even picked up the makeshift weapon so he could continue to be attacked, verbally abused him.