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Sun 11 Nov 2012 12:29 PM

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Emirates flights suffer mid-air engine shutdown

Two services temporarily diverted to other airports after suffering engine problems

Emirates flights suffer mid-air engine shutdown
(Image for illustrative purposes)

Two Emirates Airline flights were forced to shutdown their engines midflight before being diverted to nearby airports, Aviation Herald reported.

Crew on flight EK-373 from Bangkok to Dubai on November 7 shut down an engine on the Boeing 777-300 near Mumbai after receiving an engine fire indication. They activated the fire suppression system and the aircraft carrying 190 passengers and 16 crew landed safely in Mumbai. Responding emergency services found no fire.

A replacement Airbus A330-200 positioned from Dubai to Mumbai as flight EK-7372 resumed flight EK-373 and reached Dubai with a delay of nine hours.

In another case, flight EK-201 from to Dubai to New York made an emergency landing in Paris about 140 minutes after crew shut the number four engine on the Airbus A380-800.

A replacement Airbus A380-800 was dispatched from Dubai to Paris as flight EK-3073 and resumed flight EK-201 reaching New York with a delay of 12 hours. The incident aircraft was able to position to Dubai on November 8 as flight EK-7002 and resumed service about 35 hours after landing in Paris.

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Edmond J. Philippi 7 years ago

This is very serious cases, at least EK owes the public more explanation on the problems that caused these incidents,
Two cases of engine problems is no joke,
Hope EK would shed some light on this issue,

Ken Fielding 7 years ago

Oh come on, get real! Theres no 'issue' here. Engine shutdowns all around the world are a common daily occurrence. Emirates has almost 190 aircraft in operation every day, 26 of which are 4 engined A380's. That's a total of around 425 engines operating an average of 16 hours a day, every day. Do you really think it's that surprising to have 2 shutdowns in the same week? And they were two different aircraft and engine types. It happens!

Paolo C 7 years ago

Last spring from Dubai to Europe a took picture of a screw getting lose from the front part of the wing. When we landed the screw flew off. Obviously I reported it, but I don't feel comfortable anymore on ek flights where their wings are clearly full of oil spotes.

Raptor 7 years ago

Well, looks like there was a third EK, in-flight engine shutdown. Link:

Brendan 7 years ago

@Ken, also add the A380 Engine exploding last night over Sydney on EK413. So yes, 2 shutdowns and an explosion in the same week is surprising and there should be more light on this issues.

Adam 7 years ago

Not true Ken. Engine shutdowns (and emergency landings) are not common. Coupled with the fire in an A380 engine today. This has to be setting internal alarm bells ringing.

Geko 7 years ago

Corporate lobbying (joke) at the highest.

Geko 6 years ago

Edmond, are you still going to use that AF ticket? You have many other options. Better dump it, before someone comes back and tell us A380 has another wing without crack or he himself comeback with other name to do so!!!!

Thamir Ghaslan 6 years ago

I sense the maintenance crew of Emirates are not performing up to expectation!

V Mathews 6 years ago

The rapid pace of growth is showing its strain, this time, on the most dangerous part, the MRO side. EK must take this warning seriously and do whatever is necessary before, god forbid, something untoward happens.