Best ways to stay hydrated in the UAE this summer

Nutrition app Weightmonitor UAE shares easy steps to follow
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If you’ve been feeling tired, fatigued or even downcast, it might be that you’re simply dehydrated. And how can you not be, if you’re living in one of the hottest regions in the world where highs of 40 are the average summer temperature? Don’t despair, however, as simple lifestyle changes can help you beat the heat and stay healthy. Experts at nutrition-based app Weightmonitor UAE share their top steps to stay hydrated during summer:

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Drink beverages with meals

It might have been classified as a taboo, but Weightmonitor UAE recommends drinking water or green tea with food to remain hydrated. Soups are also recommended. Add a squeeze of lime or lemon to enhance iron and calcium uptake from food.

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Drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluids

If you find it hard to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, try drinking the amount in fluids, including water, juice and herbal tea. An adult body requires an average of about 2 – 2.5 litres of fluid daily to stay in balance.

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Drink even when you’re not thirsty

Inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration, but thirst is not a reliable indicator of your fluid needs. Some early signs are poor concentration, fatigue and dry mouth. So drink even if you’re not thirsty. Chronic fluid insufficiency can also lead to hyper-filteration in the kidneys leading to renal disease or stones. Severe dehydration can be dangerous with serious health consequences like nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and can even be fatal.

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Try homemade summer beverages

These include vegetable juices, buttermilk, coconut or lime water and herbal teas, which are loaded with electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants that help fight diseases. Weightmonitor UAE top recommended summer coolers are lemonade, mintade, litchi juice, cucumber and mint soup, chamomile tea.

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Go for sugar-free fluids

Not only are they good for when calorie counting, but sugar free drinks are also healthier. You can use alternative sweeteners such as honey, which tastes just as good as sugar. Green tea is advisable especially for weight loss. Boost your immunity with the green power in cabbage, spinach, lemon and coriander. These help with hydration to immune boosting, detoxifying and cleansing tonics, according to Weightmonitor UAE.

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By Lubna Hamdan