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Sun 20 Dec 2015 09:58 AM

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Kuwait to ban expats aged over 50

As part of measures to reduce expats, foreigners working for the gov’t or specific sectors will not be forced to leave

Kuwait to ban expats aged over 50

Expats in Kuwait aged over 50 will be forced to leave the country under a new measure announced to reduce the number of foreign workers, Arabic daily Al Anba reported.

The age limit would apply to people working for the Kuwaiti government and in professions where vacancies can be filled by Kuwaitis.

It would be implemented from March 1 and cover all nationalities, a government source reportedly said.

The government has been attempting to reduce its reliance on foreign workers, who make up about two-thirds of the total population of 3 million.

However, it faces difficulty because locals are reluctant to move to the private sector and often do not have the required qualifications.

Graham 3 years ago

If the population is 3Mn of which 2/3 is ex pat where are the 2Mn (approx.) additional Kuwaitis going to come from?

Kevin 3 years ago

Another crack pot ideas to reduce expats this scatter gun approach has no logic reason or sense if the want to reduce expats start at the education and see where the expats are working and retrain the locals
This government really lacks talent intelligence and quality policies it's not surprising it's in the state it is

Robert Arney 3 years ago

That is a sad thing as I know some EXPATS (including myself) that absolutely love Kuwait and would do all they could to make it a better place for all

Shaq 3 years ago

Its a great idea. If it works out right, then the dependence of expats would drop and increase the potential Kuwaiti to the reality.
Most who outcry would be the non-muslims as they milk the maximum and do not appreciate what the Gulf countries have done for them.

Mosa 3 years ago

Wow, Mr. Shaq.
People like you make this world a better place I am sure.

Normal Citizen 3 years ago

What is going on in Kuwait???

thomas 3 years ago

This sounds really bizarre. Fifty is a young and vibrant person who is at the height of their career and abilities. People this age are also calmer than young people, and most are still healthy. So, Kuwait does not want 55-year-old neurosurgeons, nurses, engineers and people in other careers that are highly capable? Kuwait is a lovely country, but their young population does not have the education, skills, or reserved calmness to fill important positions, at least not yet. I think they are jumping the gun here. Younger workers are not as talented and don't have the knowledge base necessary to run companies, or treat patients with difficult illnesses. Arrogance and pride do not replace skills. Western countries have realized this. This is why the retirement age is now 70. Just today I saw a 65-year-old cardiologist who treated me successfully because he's seen it all. If he were 35, I doubt I would have survived. Sorry, but that is the truth.

Expat Andy 3 years ago

Shaq, aren't you getting it around the wrong way. I appears it is you who does not appreciate what the expats have done in your country. Your statement.....'increase the potential Kuwaiti to the reality". The reality of what? That you have to work 40 hours a week. That you most likely need the minimum of a Masters degree to secure a job or demonstrate competency. That in today's world you need a broad understanding of how business works in a global sense. I have no doubt many of your countrymen and women meet these levels of competency. So lets all leave tomorrow and see how you get on. Don't call us next time your neighbour comes visiting without an invite, as you clearly don't appreciate what we did to evict him.

kallan 3 years ago

oh so this is where our MPs got their idea too.

Najwa 3 years ago

Fully agree as people above 50 take their careers very seriously and always eager to make a difference.